Zimbabwe UFO Sighting 1994 62 School Children Witness Aliens Land

One of the most interesting cases involving UFOs takes place in Ruwa, Zimbabwe. Ruwa is a small farming community in South Africa and news from the small tow…
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Within Minutes Of the NASA Release Thirdphaseofmoon Breaks News!! UFOs Visit The International Space Station on following a four-orbit, six-hour rendezvous. Original NASA Link …
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  1. what do the so called experts believe happened ? I see no proof of
    visitation,but I find this case extremely interesting.Could this be some
    type of mass hallucination,was blood tests done on any of these children?

  2. 62 ↔ 26
    there are (*62*) known satellites of $atvrn …

    (*26*) victims of the newtown “shootings” at Sandy Hook …

    the (*62nd*) day of the year = March 3 ( *3/3* )

    Sumerians used a zodiac including 13 constellations and (*26*) main stars

  3. I found this UFO encounter by children among the most believable I’ve seen.
    They were all educated, well-mannered, and intelligent, answering all
    questions the best way they could. Combined with the testimony of the
    school administrators present at the time, it represents to me one of the
    most credible close encounters I’ve ever heard.

    But the most compelling aspect of it were the apparent messages given to
    the children by these beings telepathically, saying, “We don’t take care of
    the planet properly… THE AIR,” that was the most dramatic element of all.
    It sounded like a warning.

  4. UFO Sightings Alien Star Crafts Visit Space Station? Nov. 24, 2014 HD
    VIDEO!! Nice Video! Thanks Nasa!

  5. If by alien space craft you mean a meteor (or asteroid or comet or maybe
    even a satellite) Despite what people below have said, it isnt glowing,
    just reflecting light like any object would. If it wasnt, you couldnt even
    see it. And things like meteors do travel in compact balls in one
    direction. There is nothing to even debunk, because it is just a few pixels
    moving across the screen. Not enough to claim it is some craft. The most
    logical and reasonable explanation is that it is a meteor (or any of the
    other above objects). TONS of them travel to earth every single day. Just
    because you see something moving in space does not mean its a craft.

  6. its pulsating, characteristic of these space orbs that are seen in these
    space exploration vids from various space agency feeds around the world.

  7. Hey Blake good catch you Guy are great been watching your show for a while
    and must say it’s the best love and can’t wait to see you movie thank you
    for your videos God bless keep it real and let the videos roll yours truly

  8. Now that is evidence! Lights in the sky is one thing, but deeper out in
    space than our own craft, further than our satellites, now that is proof!
    It was moving way to fast to be a satellite! Let me know if Im wrong!

  9. *I love the music! I believe they make it themselves. I understand the
    talent and fun in making music like this.* On the video, I didn’t really
    see anything except a Bogie flying in a straight line, being illuminated by
    the Station lights. It seemed grey in the low light, no light source
    emitting from it. I will have to side with the “Space Debris” hypothesis.

  10. i wont believe me until a huge space ship lands in my neighbour hood and
    little green men pop out and say take to your dealer! i mean leader :P

  11. They are not UFOs. They are IFOs. Identified. The Ashtar Command, Ground
    Crew. The Galactic Federation Of Light. Thank You brothers and sisters
    from the Stars, Welcome back to earth with Us. Mwah…Peace and Love from
    now on. Amen. <3

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