YouTube Alien Pilots Revealed In UFO Footage

2 new witness videos of the Fort Worth Lights that so many people seem to think are caused by UFOs & secret weapons! Good grief *face palm*

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  1. @ledaohio REALLY …ive never heard anything like that …but i guesse thats not something they are abouit to tell the gen. public….do u know of any sites i can look at to find out more info about this?

  2. @liveevilliveevil1 June 26th or slightly before, chaos will start from the failed dwarf star Elinin wreaking gravitational havoc and magnetic pole shift on Earth. It will pass between us and the Sun and flip the poles. There’s FACT of this online yet MSM says nothing about it. My X’s brother is a 2star Gen. and said this to me as well as July sometime we can expect visitors. The Elite will call them Evil when they are in fact Spiritual and hold truth Elite kept from us for centuries.

  3. @ledaohio yup… My X’s brother is 2 Star Gen. Of Army logistics. As I said.. He told me things that would curl your hair ONLY because nobody would ever believe me, they are so far out!

    July be ready!

  4. and the point of this video is???? you have shown or proved nothing! waste of my life, I want my 3:51 back 🙁

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