Yongle: 51 Launch Low

Guangdong Yongle: May 1 Air conditioning not raising their prices

  Launched the “low security” provisions to ensure the lowest price

News of the recent price increases on the air mass was uproar in the industry. Air conditioning prices do not rise up in the end? This is the focus of recent concerns of the industry is ready to buy the hot summer air conditioning to cope with the concerns of consumers. Recently, general manager of Guangdong Huang Minjia Paradise interview with this reporter, said that during the period between now and May 1, Wing-lok, the air conditioning will not sell prices. He said the recent launch of Paradise, “the four service security system”, the “low security” clause to ensure the Yongle sales price of the lowest air-conditioning. Meanwhile, in order to celebrate May 1, Wing-lok, ready to open five new stores.

Although Paradise guarantee “51” period and never before prices. However, steel and other production costs, manufacturers are likely to supply prices, Huangmin Jia said that after May 1 can not guarantee to maintain the original price.

Yongle five stores with the opening celebration on May 1

It is reported that 51 period, the Paradise will be opened with five stores, including Guangzhou, Shenzhen, two new stores and three stores. To celebrate the new store opening.

Which, Jiangnan Avenue store will be the highlight of the five stores with the opening. Huangmin Jia said the Southern Boulevard Road business district commercial plaza nations together, and sea blue pearl Express Business Plaza, the commercial area after several years of development, Haizhu District, today has become the “Lord.” With Fuk Road, Jiang Southwest, Southern Avenue, a few streets, in the Haizhu District government planning scheme, in accordance with the commercial center position of the building.

The Southern States store and 10,000 commercial square with the Department’s business heart of the Southern Boulevard, and the nations commercial plaza is the highest grade western Haizhu District, the largest integrated shopping and leisure plaza, Carrefour’s presence, even with adequate passenger volume brings security. In addition, in the South Boulevard area, the regional shopping district area of memory in the chain, including major household appliances

States United States And Su Ning, the sales are quite good. These are Wing-lok’s presence increases confidence. Huang Minjia that Yongle stationed in the South Boulevard shopping district, will form the three pillars of home appliance chain in this region the situation, but also to consumer appliances, “everywhere”, increase sales volume.

The same time, Huang Minjia revealed that the air conditioning from the Wing Lok sales during the period between now and May 1 will not price increases. He said, “four service security system” in the “low security” shows that consumers shop in Wing Lok market if they find a lower price, then the Wing-lok full payment of premium.

Air conditioning prices may rise after 51

Huangmin Jia also noted that, while now 51 Yongle period to ensure no air conditioning prices, but can not be expected to maintain the original prices after May 1. He said that as prices of steel and other raw materials, air conditioning prices gone up is hard to reverse the trend.

Qingdao Hisense Sales Manager Marketing Co., Ltd. Yang Yun Tudor said: “Air conditioning manufacturing costs have increased. Air conditioning sales price does not rise is not possible, and it is wrong.” In his view, air conditioning prices from the competition and determine a short time, but for a long time is by the “socially necessary labor time” decision. Since the manufacturing costs increase, the final sales price will go up. Prices trend will spread to other home appliances.

Haier Air conditioning Business Division, Minister Zhao-Xing also made, with two, three purchasing power increases, the domestic air market is still growing, manufacturers and channels should see this trend not only meet the industry that have lower prices, “the law.”

Statistics show that compared with October 2004, up 70% of steel, plastic materials rose 73.9%, plating

Zinc plate Up 39%, copper rose 1,600 yuan per ton increase in costs as air conditioning … … the direct trigger prices. Haier, Midea, Gree

Oaks , LG

And many other air conditioning companies finally put into action and have raised the prices of its products, and its way up into two clear up and dark. Next up is the price of the old and new products are put up, and dark rose refers to the launch of new products with higher prices or limit production and sales of older products to improve the average price.

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