Why do you think the acronym “UFO” has lost all meaning?

Question by Alleshiea: Why do you think the acronym “UFO” has lost all meaning?
It means unidentified flying object, not alien space craft – landed or flying…..?

Just because its unidentified does not mean its alien, how did we get so far away from the acronyms actual meaning?

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Answer by Adyari
I don’t think it has, i think thats merely your opinion.

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  1. It just came to mean something else as a lot of “words” do. The acronym became an actual pop-culture word.

    We do refer to alien spaceships as “UFO’s” whether they’re identified or not. What’s that, it’s a UFO!

  2. Well, maybe it’s just me…….

    I think Humans are too fascinated with the wonders of the Universe that their changing their dictionary to suit it.

  3. I would think 90% of the population knows that UFO means unidentified flying object.
    It is the media that has influenced a change

    Heres a new one for it
    Un Flipping Original

  4. In modern times, almost all flying objects are identifiable

    UFO is not from a single person’s perspective. It has to be something that no one has any knowledge about. Even if its a top secret military prototype, it is not UFO because its something build by the military, they know what it is.

    If a person sees a weather balloon but don’t know what it is, can the balloon be considered as UFO? No.

    If its not nature (asteroid, meteor) or man made, many would assume it to be from some other civilization out there…

  5. who said ufo meant alien of course it means what you explained it to be and since there aren’t many actual ufo’s going around and everytime you think alien spacecraft what better term to use than ufo?.

  6. I think that because the term UFO has been used in so many books, television programmes and movies in reference to Alien space crafts that alot of people presume that a UFO is the actual name of a martian transportation device lol.

  7. That’s a good point. Reminds me of the film Davinci Code movie, where religious symbols are mistaken for racist cults etc…

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