when the goverment admits ufo”s are aliens visiting this planet, will you freak out ?

Question by easynow: when the goverment admits ufo”s are aliens visiting this planet, will you freak out ?

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Answer by aussie_east_ender
On april the first when this happens. Nope!!

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  1. No I wont be shocked at all.
    I do not believe that we are the only form of sentient life in the universe.
    Our own galaxy is 100,000 lights years across and there are alot more galaxies out there.

  2. no, if its been going on forever, y freak out just bcos someone admits it. It will make no difference, the aliens wouldnt start acting different than they have all this time_if they were around at all!

  3. if they’re dangerous im going to be like the audience when Tom Cruise was on oprah. If they’re friendle then I’ll be Tom cruise on oprah.

  4. nope. I have been waiting my whole life for someone from the government to finally say “we are not alone.” As the x-files quote goes “the truth is out there.”

    We cannot be alone in this universe. Our universe is HUGE! we are just one little planet in a massive pool of thousands upon thousands of “stars.” We can’t be the only living planet. It just doesn’t make sense to me if we are.

  5. I do believe that aliens or some kind of force does live among us because 1st of all we can’t be the only creation in the universe,2nd,we are killing our own planet and if we are the only creation and we fcuk that up by destoying our own ozone layer than were probably pray that thier is some aliens to come down and save our as$ es.NO I woudn’t freak out.

  6. No, I work for the government and already know they exist. It is highly top secret so I can’t explain what we give them in exchange for their services, but they are currently helping us with advancements in our technology base. In the past, they have given us such concepts as computer chips, tons of information on radiation and radioactive elements, and countless stories of their travels through space. That is about all I can let you know for now.

  7. No, because I believe UFOs are real anyway. How can we be so arrogant to believe that the evolutionary process (or Nature, or an intelligent designer, or God) created this humongous universe and only put intelligent (well, that’s questionable!) life on this tiny little third rock from the sun? We are true fools if our own hubris allows us to ignore the obvious: somewhere in this vast array of space, there must be other life. If we’re capable of sending rocketships to the moon and to Mars, isn’t it pragmatic to assume that there could be other life forms out there capable of building space vehicles that can travel millions of light years looking for other signs of intelligent life? We like to think we’re the smartest creatures in the universe, but someday our stupidity will be revealed and – suddenly – all of our Earthly conflicts and trivial little “wars” will become moot as we find ourselves joining forces to defend against those extra-terrestrial aliens. -RKO-

  8. Its all a hoax. Truth is that I’M the only REAL human and you all are just a figment of my imagination, so everything is fake anyway.

  9. Why freak out? Just think… we are one planet in one galaxy. How many other galaxies are out there? Space is so limitless. To think that of ALL the infinite galaxies and ALL the limitless space that is out there that we are the only planet with life does not equate.
    I wouldn’t know what the other living creatures out there look like though… maybe like my great aunt. (LOL)

  10. No. Why would I freak about someone/something that is different? As longs as I am not being eaten by some blob and my home is safe, I think it’d be neat.

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