What is your religious opinion on this video about a “UFO” over Jerusalem?

Question by Elihu: What is your religious opinion on this video about a “UFO” over Jerusalem?

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Answer by Michael

I was just telling everyone how there were three ufo sightings over moscow last week

Maybe now people will begin to believe me, I’ve been saying it since april,
Alien-Visitors really do intend to land. This really IS NOT A JOKE.


There are Sirians/Pleiadians/Orion/Andromedans aboard those craft.
Did you hear about the ones in Vancouver, and El Paso in November?

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  1. Watch Ancient Aliens and your views will change. I believe all religions are based on our ancient ancestors seeing things they couldn’t explain and assume they were gods rather than flesh and blood advanced aliens.

  2. Now isn’t that much more exciting than just saying “God did it?” Still can’t be sure if it was a hoax or not though. I love stuff like this 😀

  3. There will be a major introduction of “aliens” as part of the “end-time” scenerio. However, these aren’t “aliens”. Rather, they are fallens angels and their hybrid minions (greys) that are posing as “beings from other planets, galaxies, etc”. It will be among the greatests deceptions that will have been foisted on mankind prior to the return of the Messiah, Jesus of Nazareth (the TRUE one). These beings have been in league with mankind for decades, only the general population has been kept “in the dark”. Once the world feels threatened, one world order will not be so difficult to achieve, will it?

  4. A hoax of sorts. Even the UFO blogs which normally defend this sort of thing to the point of retardation concede that this was a viral marketing stunt.

  5. i switched it off half way through the video, it looked like a reflection off clouds , lights from fishing boats

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