What Does UFO Mean?

Strictly speaking, UFO stands for “Unidentified Flying Object;” everyone knows that. Which is strange when you think about it, because just what is it aside from birds and planes that goes around flying unidentified? Obviously the term has its origins as one of those mystifying acronyms that Army bureaucrats produce that are just as confusing to the Army as they are to the enemy.

But we all know that UFO now stands for an alien spacecraft, flown by aliens and flying in earth’s atmosphere for some specific but mysterious purpose. UFO’s are a modern legend. How do I know that they are legend? Because people often ask me, “Do you believe in UFO’s?” If people believe that something exists but is hiding, it is a legend. I think we really miss the point though.

The strangest question of all to me is not about UFO’s, it’s this: “Does life only exist on earth?” Now, can anyone tell me that, out of trillions of galaxies and perhaps an infinite number of stars and planets, there is even the remotest of remote chances at all that there is no life in this tremendously huge expanding universe trillions of light years wide? And, by the way, having merely just made it to the moon and back, why do we assume that we are what is considered ‘intelligent life’ anyway? Humans love to blow their own horns. We even have an odd idea that evolution was a process designed to result in us!

I am sure there is intelligent life in profound abundance out there but I’m not so sure they’re spinning their Cadillac’s around in our atmosphere or taking that great of an interest in us (I kind of hope they’re not). I do know that if I were really super smart I probably wouldn’t bother with a thing as primitive as a space craft- I’d travel with my mind.

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