Question by edgar: What are your thoughts on that vid called “UFO Crash (High Quality)”?
I never get a response on this.

I just can’t see how it would be possible for anything manmade that was designed to fly being able to hit the ground that hard without losing all lift capability, control and structural integrity.

Out of all of the “ufo” videos, this one makes me wonder. But nobody seems to know where it came from, who took it or where it happened.
laurel- it’s almost just as easy to copy and paste it in search. a couple of clicks.
left click and hold, drag over text to highlight it, left click, choose copy, go to search box, right click, paste…takes two seconds
estella-yea it does look a bit odd that it passes in front of the pole, while the impact seems to be at least a few hundred meters away.
(right click choose copy) sorry 🙁

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Answer by LaurelHS
A link to the video would have been helpful here.

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