What about these ufo”s?

Question by frank_blandori thunder88: What about these ufo”s?
dont you think with all the cameras and cell phones and security cameras and what have you we could at least get a good picture of one????
and what are all these people doing when they see one? how hard is it to get a dig camera or viedo cam or what have you, and if this ufo is a mile long and half mile wide whats the problem?i understand we have aircraft that radar cannot detect and what have you and who knows what our goverment has in the wings. but come on people, how about some real evidence other then it went that away boys??
i also agree it maybe our goverment with its toys and what have you.and yes i do know how mean people can be when one trys to explain what they saw! iam not sure i have the ba–s to report such a thing? and as for the camera i stated maybe one is in awe at this moment? but if your an ufo expert and are there when this happens !and yes people can do camera tricks and yes the goverment does make you seem funny and make fun of you, what happen to this blue book project i saw on a cable station and what about this ufo that crashed in new mexico in 1947? is anyone out there who can help me educate myself before i take a dim view on this matter? i do keep an open mind to a certain point!please no one with foil on your head need to reply!

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Answer by Brant
We have nothing but bad pictures because the good ones would reveal that they are not alien ships. You can’t have good pictures of ET space ships if they don’t exist around this planet.

Jack, of those you mentioned, I’m familiar with the RB47 case. Did you read Philip Klass’ detailed account of that incident? He gives a minute by minute, mile by mile account with maps, all radar stations involved, manufacturers specifications and equipment limitations, and all personnel involved. All those things which seem so convincing evaporate when all the facts are known. Story after story after impressive story always seem to turn out that way when all the relevant facts are presented. Here’s a pretty good summary of that article.
It includes some other examples of how UFO story-tellers and television execs deliberately ignore evidence which will undermine their money-making, audience-generating sensationalist pseudo-documentaries. Things like de-classified documents, letters regarding Roswell, etc., which were cut from any UFO promoting programs because they blow these conspiracy theories and alien encounter stories totally out of the water. Yeah, Klass TRIED to disclose the government’s documents and official positions and reactions to incidents, but the media would have no part of it since it debunks the whole UFO cult phenomenon.

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