Weatherwatch: UFOs or temperature?

Weatherwatch: UFOs or temperature?
Sixty years ago, America was shaken by a wave of UFO sightings in Washington, DC. Some appeared over the White House itself: were these extra-terrestrials preparing to land, or did the lights in the sky have something to do with the weather? The sightings lasted from 12 July to 25 July 1952. Objects were sighted by many observers, including airline pilots, and picked up on military and air …
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Balloon boy parents auction off UFO-like craft
CLEVELAND (AP) – Somehow, some way, despite key injuries and skeptics who don’t believe they can keep it up, the Cleveland Indians have spent much of the season atop the AL Central.
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The truth is out there — in Emmaus
Borough man is a field investigator for a UFO research network. One night in 1977, John Royer went out on the second-floor deck of his Bethlehem house to get some air, something he had done a hundred times without any complications. This time, however, he happened to look up into the sky as a big, black triangle with lights at the three corners passed overhead.
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