Video: Timeline shows UFO coverage beat local headlines says Examiner

“It was heartening for me to see that my opinion about what was good editorial coverage locally was also reflected in these other publications,” said Vancouver UFO Examiner Jon Kelly while speaking to the Vancouver chapter of the Canadian Society of Questers on Tuesday night. The video clip of these remarks is featured in the latest episode of Secret Message TV. During the talk, held at the Vancouver Maritime Museum’s J Torben Karlshoej Gallery, Mr. Kelly provided a panoramic overview of his numerous written and recorded works, including his articles on as well as excerpts from The Secret Message Report – Podcast Edition and Secret Message TV, both produced by the local Examiner.

During his discussion of’s July 30th coverage relating how a UFO was recorded while camping near Vancouver, Jon Kelly noted the timeline of events, marked by online date stamps, clearly demonstrating the influence of this reporter’s local coverage on Georgia Straight August 12th cover art featuring UFO contact at a summer campsite.

How Many Times

In a related story dated August 19th, discussed a 60 minute interview on The Secret Message Report – Podcast Edition with the Vancouver photographer whose 2008 nightvision UFO video is the most likely candidate for the original footage upon which the Straight cover art was modelled. By August 24th both the Vancouver Sun and CFOX radio’s Jeff O’Neil Show had teamed up to provide joint coverage of local UFO sightings with reporting that included photographs taken by witnesses. “How many times in your life have you seen a Georgia Straight whose cover art was all about UFO contact?”, Mr. Kelly enquired.

A Twisted Tale

“The swastika-bearing UFO – is that a representation of post-WWII German technology or is that some Shaivite, Tantric Yogi, Cosmic Yogi spaceship?”, he continued. In Yoga philosophy, the counterclockwise rotating cross symbolizes a dynamic encounter between complimentary principals of consciousness and energy manifesting through intense states of bliss in identification with unity consciousness. When asked, many of the attendees indicated they had encountered UFO’s or other paranormal phenomena in British Columbia as well as other parts of Canada. Some related their personal stories, including a description of an encounter with a UFO bearing the ancient symbol.

Spectacular Supernatural

“I was very fortunate, through my contacts, to have a number of road trips this summer that took advantage of spectacular night sky conditions and of course, supernatural conditions here in BC.” Regarding the UFO camping experience from July, one report stated that “During the Sasquatch/UFO road trip covered by, this reporter, Jon Kelly, experienced ongoing sleep disturbances in the form of almost hourly dreams where Sasquatch were approaching. While the dreams were taking place, the infrared nightshot camera recorded luminous orbs flying through the campsite in the dark of night.”


Jon Kelly is a world-famous expert in the application of voice-based disclosure technology for revealing UFO secrets. A native to Vancouver, BC, Jon’s work as a voice analyst, photographer and videographer has been recognized by international media through hundreds of appearances in radio, television, documentary film, print and online publications. Call Jon’s toll-free hot line 1-888-453-0751 to report a UFO sighting or visit

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