Use a Laser Sighting System and See Where You Aim

When a person shoots a gun they always want to hit right where they are aiming. There are tools that  can be used on guns to show exactly where the gun is aimed. A laser sighting system is one of those tools.


There are many types of laser sights. They all have their pros and cons. They work in the same basic way. They shine a low power laser from the gun to the target. The laser sighting system can not do any damage on its own since it is so low powered, but it should never purposely be shined in a person’s eyes.


A basic laser optic sight will have a smaller effective range in the daylight than it will in the dark. The reason for this is that the laser sight isn’t very powerful, and it has a hard time competing with the sunlight. Newer or more expensive models have a strobe or pulse effect. This makes them more visible and more effective in strong light.


While a laser sighting system is an effective way of knowing right where the gun is aiming, there are some drawbacks to using one. The first is that not only does the shooter know where their target is, if the target is a person they know where the shooter is. This holds especially true for the new green laser optic sights. They are brighter and it’s possible to see the entire path of the laser beam. They also light up the room more, which can help prevent any accidental shootings. This isn’t a concern for a target shooter, but a law enforcement officer should keep this in mind. The red sight works better at night. Some of the sights can switch back and forth from red to green.


When it comes time to choose a laser sighting system there are some logistics to think about. The first one is what kind of gun it is going on. There are sights that work for both rifles and handguns. However, they usually don’t work well.


Then the mount needs to be considered. There are a lot of choices here. There are laser sighting systems which can be mounted on the pistol grip, trigger guard, or on the guide rod. Some are quick release models, which can throw in their own problems. One of the benefits to using a grip sight, a guide rail laser optic sight or a rear mount sight, which takes the place of the gun’s rear sight, is that they don’t cause problems with fitting into an existing holder. A laser sighting system that mounts to the top of the gun or on the trigger guard can snag the holster, slowing draw times.


These are just a few of the things to keep in mind when choosing a laser sighting system. Knowing which kind of system to use and where on the gun to put it are the important things. It is always important to keep the quality of the sight in mind, because a higher quality sight will last longer.


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