Ufo”s ????????

by Orobi

Question by Wade: Ufo”s ????????
Has anyone seen a ufo before? Are they real? Cuz personally i think they are satilittes.

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Answer by The WingHunter
i thot i saw one once
hard to say
they movied oddly
back and forth

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  1. ufos r government veichles 9 out of every 10 ufo sightings, the rest havent been caught on camera and r most likly made up stories

  2. Well the definition of a UFO is an unidentified flying object so yes, they are real. As to whether they are spaceships driven by aliens I personally do not think so. Even if they have some advanced technology that means they can travel the immense distances needed it would take so much energy and resources that I would assume they would actually communicate with us on a large scale – rather than just abducting stupid redneck hicks…
    I definitely believe that there is life on other planets though. It would be a huge waste of space if not.

  3. There are thousands of galaxies and millions of planets and other celestial objects in the universe. The earth is very small when compared to this whole picture and cannot even be pointed out if all these objects are plotted on a theatre screen. So considering that there are so many unexplored planets, it is very ridiculous to believe that life does not exist anywhere else except in Earth. So I believe that there are other planets where life exists and the people ( or whatever they call themselves ) would be interested in exploring the other planets / areas, exactly like what we do. So this concludes that UFOs are real.

  4. I’m not sure if your asking about creatures from another planet or spaceships. UFOs are Unidentified, Flying, Objects. Odds are everyone as probably seen something shoot across the sky and wasn’t sure what it was, it could have been a bird, airplane, butterfly etc. But one night i was walking down the street with two friends and as we looked up into the sky we saw tons of birds fly just right above our heads. After they passed 4 bright lights appeared in a square in the sky. Talk about spooky

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