UFOs over Sakurajima Japan

I was really amazed over the recent youtube videos showing several unidentified flying objects flying over what seems to be an erupting vulcano in Sakurajima, Japan.

I have been studing paranormal phenomena for several years now and it it very easy to discard alleged ufo videos as chineese lanterns, satellites, CGi ect. But these videos baffled me. First off they are filmed by different weathercameras which ruels out CGI, they are filmed in daytime so it can´t be lanterns and the irregular moving patterns makes it hard to believe that they are satellites. Credible daytime ufo footage is hard to come by so make sure you check it out.


One of the theories around UFOs are that they appear around the time of disasters. There are videos showing unexplainable objects flying around the erupting vulcano in Iceland not long ago, strange phenomena has also been recorded around the time of earthquakes and lightningstorms. But the most intreresting case to support this theory must be the massobsevations of UFOs that started after the nuclear weapons tests in the 1940s and the Roswell crash in 1947 in the Nevada desert where the manhattan project took place. If this is true then we can expect alot more observations with the increase of natural disasters in the world today.

Keep an eye on the sky and also check out the videos of the Sakurajima vulcano.

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The truth is out there 😉

John Smith. I am a paranormal researcher. Check out my website at http//www.paranormalworld.org

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