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UFOs Invade Manhattan With First Annual Culture of Contact Festival

New York, NY (PRWEB) May 25, 2007

New York City will play host to scholars, entertainers, artists, UFO enthusiasts and actual alien abductees in the first annual UFO’s: The Culture of Contact Multimedia Festival June 22-24. Marking the 60th anniversary of the Kenneth Arnold UFO sightings, which initiated the modern UFO era, the festival will feature movies, lectures by top investigators, music, theater and artwork related to UFO/Alien contact. The Festival will be held at the Pioneer Theater, Lit Lounge and P.S. 63, all in Manhattan’s own bastion of the unusual: the East Village.

Close Encounters of a New York Kind

Sponsored by UFO Magazine and JayVay Productions, the 3-day Culture of Contact Festival will give the public a chance to sample the many ways UFOs have impacted modern culture. The festival is conceived and curated not only by educators, investigators and scholars, but by individuals whose interest in the phenomenon is as up close and personal as it gets: actual UFO witnesses and alien abductees.

Attendees to this groundbreaking event will enjoy:

Classic “flying saucer” sci-fi films and new UFO movies
Lectures and panel discussions by renowned scientists, investigators, witnesses, authors and abductees
Live music inspired by UFO’s and sci-fi
Theater, standup and readings
A gallery of UFO art by abductees and enthusiasts

Participating personalities include bestselling authors Budd Hopkins and William J. Birnes, noted psychic and UFOlogist Farah Yurdozu, and UFO investigator-filmmaker-author Jeremy Vaeni.

Marking 60 Years of a Worldwide Phenomenon With a Manhattan First

Culture of Contact Festival organizer and participant Jeremy Vaeni explains that UFO festivals are popular around the country, but this is the first time one of this scope has come to Manhattan.

“It’s been 60 years since UFOs exploded into the public consciousness,” Vaeni says. “They’ve impacted everything from movies to literature to pop music to television. What better place to celebrate this global phenomenon than New York City, the center of the universe for art, culture and entertainment.”

Detailed schedule, tickets, directions:

Sponsors and Supporters

About UFO Magazine: For over 20 years, UFO Magazine has been a leading source of information on UFO sightings, alien encounters, conspiracies, new technologies and the unknown.

Pioneer Theater: The Two Boots Pioneer Theater is a new but old-fashioned neighborhood movie theater. Mixing current independent and foreign films with special programs and retrospectives, THE PIONEER is a haven for filmmakers and film lovers alike. The Pioneer has hosted a mix of independent premieres, revivals of classic films, film festivals and ongoing special series.


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