UFO’s in Japan: Seen before earthquake and during tsunami – compilation

-PLEASE WATCH FULL SCREEN- There was an unprecedented amount of UFO sightings in the days and weeks prior to the Earthquake in Japan on 3/11/2011. It certainly seemed that way to what would be considered alternative news sources that “Asia was awash with UFO and alien events”. Numerous UFO sightings in Japan continue to be made, right up to this moment, and are still being ignored by the West and the mainstream media, although countries like China for example, have reported on the recent UFO flap in the area in their main government news agency, Xinhua. Even after the quake, when the waters of the tsunami were encroaching inland, UFO’s were filmed and several unknowns were also seen on live mainstream news broadcasts as the world watched the tragedy unfold. (compilation by Erika Ahonen, music by Bear McCreary)
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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Video Rating: 4 / 5

0 thoughts on “UFO’s in Japan: Seen before earthquake and during tsunami – compilation

  1. something is coming soon and they know it!I guess we can only wait and see if 2012 is true or not,i believe we are not alone,we are part of a galaxy,99.9 of it is unexplored,and there are millions of galaxy like ours but different shapes beyond our own,so cant tell me that we are the only life forms in the universe.

  2. They are holographs from another dimension. They want what any other bored life form wants. DESTRUCTION.

  3. As a believer that we are being observed and a former airline employee, I must comment that to me it appears that the formation in the airport scene are aircraft in an approach pattern. The landing lights are often bright enough that you can not see the anti-collision beacons until the aircraft are much closer to the airport. The aircraft with more obvious anti-collision beacons are departing, thus without the bright landing lights.

  4. Theres a war goin on outside no man is safe from, you can run but cant hide forever, from these streets that we dun took, you walking with your head down scared too look… Mobb Deep Survival of the fittest!!!!

  5. Theres war goin outside no man is safe from!!! You can run, but can hide forever, from these streets that we dun took!!! You walkin around with your head down too look…. Ying and Yang!!! A choas theroy of good and evil! The UFO’s that make their presence are against you free minded people!!!!

  6. Some really interesting footage. These objects are appearing more and more at these types of major events. Thanks Nina. Don’t worry about the pseudo skeptics who will shout “Fake” and “CGI” at any UFO footage. During the tsunami footage there are clearly objects flying about, doing very fast, and erratic manoeveurs. Has this footage been scientifically analysed at all? It would be interesting to get speed and size of objects?

  7. What the heck are you people smoking? UFO’s???? I can clearly see objects smaller than cars in some of these vids, and the specks of light being pointed out are so much smaller you cant even make them out! These “UFO’s” would have to be the size of soccer balls! More likely, they are reflections or gleams of light from the camera….

  8. Aliens are gonna wipe out the human race using earths own elements.
    Tsunami’s and Earthquakes in Japan, Tornados in Alabama =o

  9. the dodge brush is the dangerous brush haha. was that just a brush with the orange color and set mode to dodge? Or the actual dodge tool?

  10. Hi Feng, Good Day
    I was wondering if you have any advice for doing an underwater scene? It be good cos I’m currently doing an undersea creature concept and Im trying to find a good way to show it’s underwater ie texture, blur layers…
    Thanks for ur videos and your insane dedication, you’re awesome. Ive learned ALOT.

  11. @Fengdesigns how do you print all of your images, could you make a tutorial about that?

    thank you !

  12. Cool tutorials. Loving ya stuff. My question is this: When you add the stuff from other pictures (like the grabs from the aircraft frame) and add them to the plate, what tool do you use to merge them. Is it the background erase button or the art history tool?

  13. @Fengdesigns How long did it take you to create your collection of photo references/images you use for texutres?

  14. how do you make the images blend in with eachother? like when you put the airplane parts onto the buildings to give it the destruction look?

  15. Amazing stuff. I learn a lot from your videos even though I dont use photoshop much much. But use this information for a lot of my other paint work I do.

  16. how can i download this awesome video in 720p? so i can slow it down and watch frame by frame ๐Ÿ˜€

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