UFO’s and Magic on Coast to Coast AM with George Noory Featuring Brandon Scott

.Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) May 12, 2006

Using the illusion of the mind, Brandon Scott, sparked listener?s world wide to think of the same thing at the same time. This week, Brandon, currently starring in the controversial film ?Alien Secrets?, joined George Noory, (host of Coast to Coast AM and author of “Worker in the Light”). The broadcast took place at the Premiere Radio Networks Headquarters, home of Coast to Coast Am, one of the most popular radio shows in the world, carried by more than 500 radio stations in the U.S. and Canada and streamed over the Internet to more than ten million people, five nights a week.

Synchronizing minds in a game of telepathic prestidigitation, Brandon achieved getting listeners to simultaneously think of the same thing at the same time. Fast blast emails fired into George Noory?s studio computer with confirmations that their minds had been blasted.” It was fun doing mind magic with George on his radio show,? commented Brandon, ?and talking with him about UFOs and the paranormal, was a refreshing change from talking with other media personalities who know nothing about the subject.? Brandon and George talked about magic, The Magic Castle, magicians, Jeff McBride, and David Blaine?s recent near death stunt. During the show Brandon performed mesmerizing optical illusions in the studio, levitating a rope in mid air, a typical hoax conducted by Hindu Fakirs.

Brandon utilizes his magic and understanding of the paranormal as a consultant in detecting hoaxes, advising paranormal researchers all over the world. Although he has encountered many frauds, he has personally experienced unexplained phenomena himself. Objects that move on their own, strange appearances and a new kind of Unidentified Flying Object that he has seen and caught on videotape. Brandon stars in the film ?Alien Secrets? directed by J.J. Barmettler, is a clever send up of the UFO genre based on Brandon?s real life escapades as he explores the UFO subculture with a biting edge and wit and navigates his way through the world of UFO Abductees and Alien/Human Hybrids. A mixed media-hybrid film, ?Alien Secrets? was shot during the making of a documentary conducted by Brandon, about women who have reason to believe they have been taken aboard a space ship, abducted by aliens and have had hybrid children form the encounters. Uniquely mirroring the documentary, the film itself was shot documentary style combined with the epic cinematographic styling of the Director of Photography, Richard Smith and a witty, original motion picture screenplay, written by Barmettler, Scott and Ayers Baxter. Although presented in the form of a pop culture, cult movie mockumenatry, featured are actual people who share their UFO experiences and authentic experts in the field. Delicately interwoven, these serious researchers and abductees are not ridiculed or spoofed. The parody is about Brandon and the UFO craze capitalized by world media in advertising campaigns and television shows such as ABC Network?s “Invasion”, the USA Network?s, “4400 ” and popular hit shows like “The X Files”.

Soon to be released world wide, a special edition of the film is available to the UFO underground and curious aficionados for a sneak peek glance, to let everyone in on the secret behind the secret. The Limited Edition DVD can be found at: http://www.themagicstore.com/moviespecialmd.htm

(link to Customflix a division of Amazon.com.)

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