UFO The Roswell Crash Startling New Evidence (full length TV ep)

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0 thoughts on “UFO The Roswell Crash Startling New Evidence (full length TV ep)

  1. The new “evidence” begins at about 1 hour & 15 minutes. If you know nothing
    about Roswell, or you do but a want an hour and 15 minute recap before the
    new “ evidence” is revealed, have at it. I’m a skeptic, and a believer, and
    an agnostic on these matters. I am all of these, and much more. I am
    multi-dimensional in my thinking and stance on these matters. Also, a
    question that seems to never get asked is: Why is there this assumption
    that these crafts and beings come from somewhere other than Earth ? Has
    anyone seen these things travel from other solar systems to here, or seen
    the crafts manufactured other places than Earth ? What if the ” aliens”
    have been here longer than we have ? The most fascinating aspect of this
    whole subject is the ” dreamed – up ” nature of the material – That is,
    whatever folks imagine, experience, want to believe, etc. is what they
    believe, and to a certain degree, what at least experiential evidence
    points to. If enough people BELIEVE aliens are real, etc., will it
    eventually become ” REAL ” ?? Is the universe simply a shared mass dream
    ? Cheers, beam me up, Scotty…

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