One Phillip Corso claimed he reversed engineered the technology from the ufo crash in roswell. The US Government says no. Who do you believe?
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  1. This man Corso has been outed as a total bullshitter and spun these lies to sell a book so he could make money to leave to his family before he died.

  2. @dreaminvasion the way things are going they wont need to destroy us we will destroy areselves b4 they even get here

  3. @joeching
    seems you researched so much about rosewell.so whats your opinion about this incident.

  4. until I see with my own eyes, aliens are fake. I’ll categorize aliens under gods and Jesus.

  5. Wow..for how old that guy is he seems legit. The rest is classified. Yea imagine if we had acess to military weapons of 2011. The most advanced that is publicly available I’d
    Say is the F.E.L . The free electron laser it’s amazing ,a laser the size of a baseball used to destroy incoming missiles! By the U.S military so far they are in the lead

  6. there is no proof at all..we need evidence…thats not to say all this alien stuff did not happen..but if we had solid evidence in front of us ..we would believe outright..

  7. Please subscribe to my channel and i will subscribe to yours and will spread the Truth like a virus .
    Vote for the truth .

  8. “Are UFO’s real? The answer is yes”… Hm… that does not sound very smart… UFO means Unidentified Flying Object. So if it is unidentified, it can be anything. So yes, it is `really` unidentified, but that does not say a thing….

  9. apparently the FBI has released documents that declared that there were three UFO’s recovered from the Roswell along with three human like bodies, they suspected that the nearby high powered satellite array nearby disrupted their machines. But who knows. . . .

  10. I believe in aliens, why? The universe is so infinite and huge, that there definitly will be other planets that have intelligent life on them. Only I don’t believe that they will ever be able to contact us, or even reach us.

  11. once again someone from the armed services being quite open on the subject..there is alot of this yet people still wonder if it is true..from what i have heard from people serving is that it is supposed to very full on what is happening and that there is a enough info out there for the self determining mind to have fair idea on what is happening and that most people just arent ready for the truth..it will turn our world and outlook on it s head..they have always been coming hear it is not new

  12. ROSWELL has been exposed for years it’s the mainstream media started reporting on this

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