One Phillip Corso claimed he reversed engineered the technology from the ufo crash in roswell. The U.S. Government says no. Who do you believe?


  1. churchill once screamed at eisenhower after some pilots reported ufo
    sighting in their bombing trip over germany:
    “we must not let the people know about this(ufo sightings), or else they ll
    never believe in god!”

  2. the conclusion to this debate can be found in a remark churchill made to
    eisenhower after some pilots reported ufo sighting during a bombing raid in
    ” we must not let the people know about this. how else would they still be
    able to believe in god and christianity?!”

  3. Hey, Joe, I’ve been reading some comments, and this quote got me “you could
    be born into a new body”. If you look in the spiritualism religion, you
    will see that all of these things mach up, Aliens, Spirits, reincarnation..
    Peace, love and light, from Brazil.

  4. just browse “ancient civilizations”, or visit south america, russia’s
    siberian, or south pole. also lastest release of ufo files by u.s.

  5. “you could be born into a new body”… that’s ur son. even though ur wife
    contributed half. and this in asian culture signifies that life is already
    eternal. “strangers who love you” sounds more like the christian story of
    deadbeats, sluts and bastards. why not just ur parents who consider that u
    r them.

  6. the sun is a millions times bigger than our planet.our solar system is just
    a very tiny part of our galaxy the milkyway,which has billions of planets
    and stars.if our galaxy were a grain of sand the universe would be all the
    sand on all the beaches in all the world.we are in reality very very tiny

  7. the bottom line is: we the people, especially americans, need to know more
    about the american government, and, in particular, it’s secrets, like on
    ufo’s, much more than the way it’s been trying to know all about us from
    easedropping exposed recently.

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