UFO Sightings ? the Evidence ?they? Didn?t Want You to See

UFO’s are the mystery of the sky with the population divided on whether they do or don’t exist. Many efforts have been made to determine and record their existence, with many people witnessing UFO sightings and recording UFO evidence.

One of the biggest projects to determine if UFO’s exist was Project Blue Book, conducted by the US Air Force in 1952. The projects mission evolved around 2 goals – to determine the threat by UFO’s to national security and to analyze the data related to UFOs. It was estimated that around 12,618 reports were collected by the project of which 6% were classified as unknowns, and thus defied detailed analysis.

The US government has declined its involvement in any of the projects relating to UFO’s but there has always been a speculation of the involvement of certain official agencies taking particular interest in the matter. Based on the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) there has been pressure built up on the government to release the secret reports related to UFO sightings and UFO evidence. The appeal has always been cleverly discarded stating that the exposure would pose a threat to national security and would be against security measures.

Saucer Watch and Citizens Against UFO secrecy (CAUS) have been actively involved to release the government UFO documents. Many ufologists and researchers are devoted to get to know more about UFO’s and its existence with UFO secret reports being unearthed that prove the existence of these unidentified flying objects.

The UFO Secret Reports contain evidence of UFO sightings seen by the US Airforce from the early 50’s. The reports contain the story of the sightings of green fireballs seen across New Mexico to UFO’s racing against fighter pilots. The government tried to ban much of the evidence seen in these reports, so if you want to read what the government doesn’t want you to you need to get your copy of the UFO Secret Reports.

The secret reports will blow your mind. Access them at http://www.ufo-sightings-evidence.com

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