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UFO Sightings Nevada Massive UFO or Secret Spy Plane? Nov 29, 2011

UFO Footage Nevada Massive UFO or Secret Spy Plane? Nov 29, 2011 More Exclusive UFO Sightings from Groom Lake Nevada! Future Drone “Unmanned Aerial Vehicle” Video rights Granted to THIRDPHASEOMOON. Sub Now For more updates! UFO cuadrados Nevada masivo OVNI o avión espía secreto? 29 de noviembre 2011 Más Exclusivo avistamientos de ovnis en Groom Lake Nevada! Los derechos otorgados a THIRDPHASEOMOON de vídeo. Sub ahora para más actualizaciones! UFO映像ネバダ大規模なUFOや秘密偵察機? 11月29日グルーム湖のネバダ州から2011年までに、より排他的なUFO目撃!ビデオの権利はTHIRDPHASEOMOONに付与。より多くの更新については今のサブ! НЛО Видеоматериал Невада Массивные НЛО или Секретная самолет-шпион? 29 ноября 2011 более эксклюзивный НЛО из Groom Lake Невада! Видео Права, предоставленные THIRDPHASEOMOON. Sub Теперь Дополнительную обновлениями! UFO Footage ufo sightings ufos Secret Unidentified Flying Object Russia spy plane groom lake Nevada Area 51
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0 thoughts on “UFO Sightings Nevada Massive UFO or Secret Spy Plane? Nov 29, 2011

  1. its not a drone wheter a ufo .. its a hoax… thirdphaseofthemoon are hoaxers and liars…. DONT BELIEFE THEIR VIDS°!!°

  2. Ok so it’s a prototype / experimental aircraft that looks odd, like that’s never happened before, oh wait….

  3. @robhw21 Because it’s fake. Just take a look at his channel. All videos are the same shit, as if it was made by the same person (lol, it has even an own style).

  4. It’s FAKE. The object does NOT shake accordingly to the camera movement – crappy use of camera tracking plugin.

    You better sit there in front of your Adobe AfterEffects a little bit more before trying to make money off this shit.

  5. I don’t know what it is, but it is a pretty good guess that it was paid for with our tax dollars, money extorted out of us by armed thugs called g0vt agents

  6. @aldufour I’m not convinced – an aircraft that size would have to be travelling at a hell of a rate of speed to produce enough lift with those tiny wings to be able to keep airborne, IMO. I don’t personally think that craft is flying with conventional physics. And I’m not sure the idea of an aircraft carrying something twice its length underslung like that would even fly…. Hmm. Interesting, though.

  7. its clearly a plane we can see the wing with 2 propeller engine the tail at midpoint but this plane have something twice the lengh of the plane atach to his belley with an additional elevator for stability. its clearly a secret plane.

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