Question by Ne0: “UFO Sightings” idea/enlightenment?
I was thinking about UFO’s, their sightings, their location, and the time of appearances because I can’t sleep, and all of a sudden this came to my mind:

Note: these are all the ideas from recent UFO sightings, not from 40 years ago.

– Why are UFOs always spotted in small places/desert-like places, or near military bases?
– Why are UFOs only spotted when it’s dark?
– Why do UFOs “change” in appearance, like Earth’s fashion? It tends to change every decade..
– How come the Air Force haven’t attempted to capture or shoot down these UFOs?
– Is it very likely that the US military has developed a flying object like the UFOs over the years, after WW2? Why? Because there has been multiple evidences that Nazi Germany has developed some sort of flying object in the latter part of the war.
– Isn’t it very fishy that all these “top-secret” bases are in the middle of nowhere, yet there are always these small villages nearby with people spotting UFOs?

What do you think?

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Answer by Flatlander
Yeah, I have wondered about why they appear in the night. Sometimes they are in the daylight, but maybe they don’t want to freak us out so tehy come at night.

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