Ufo Sighting 9/2013 recorded in California from the viewpoint of the beach. You can see a few Ufos flying over or behind this ship which appears to have a la…

This UFO sighting was filmed during daytime in Melbourne, Australia on February 9, 2013 at approx 05:00 PM (local time). At 0:56 there is kinda an explosion …
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  1. E farei aparecer prodígios em cima, no céu; E sinais em baixo na terra,
    Sangue, fogo e vapor de fumo. Atos 2:19

    E haverá em vários lugares grandes terremotos, e fomes e pestilências;
    haverá também coisas espantosas, e grandes sinais do céu. Lucas 21:11

    Os carros de Deus são vinte milhares, milhares de milhares. O Senhor está
    entre eles, como em Sinai, no lugar santo. Salmos 68:17

  2. this is what i saw in Southern California in 2013 around 7pm, There were 5
    of them flying extremely fast over the horizon

  3. Несколько НЛО наблюдали за горящим американским кораблем!

    В сети появилось новое видео с НЛО, которые зависли над горящим кораблем в
    США. Случайный очевидец снял, как огни зависли над судном в огне, а потом
    разлетелись в разные стороны.

    Как сообщает The Huffington post, на видео видны три яркие пятнышка,
    которые зависли в воздухе и некоторое время не улетали от пожара. Однако
    через несколько минут по очереди начали покидать корабль. При этом каждый
    из трех НЛО улетал в другом направлении. Энтузиасты-охотники за
    доказательствами присутствия внеземных цивилизаций на Земле предполагают,
    что видео вполне может быть настоящим. Однако военные США сомневаются, что
    НЛО – именно внеземной космический корабль. “Я уже где-то видел такие огни.
    Это может быть новый истребитель F-35. Вполне возможно, что он проходил
    испытания у побережья”, – предполагает эксперт Мак Дантонио. Вместе с тем,
    версия о новом истребителе не объясняет, почему огни разлетелись в разные

  4. Did people on the ship see the “UFO’s”? Did the coastguard see them?
    Did anybody on shore with a powerful telephoto lens photo them?
    The vid lacks such details

  5. Same video, everyone sees something different.
    No wonder there are so many UFO reports. People here seem to have trouble
    with the concept, ‘Ship on fire, sends up distress flares’.
    There are good cases out there. This ain’t one of them.

  6. Ufo Sighting 9/2013 recorded in California from the viewpoint of the beach.
    You can see a few Ufos flying over or behind this ship which appears to
    have a large amount of smoke coming from it. Whether or not this Ufo
    sighting is captured during a fire on the ship is unclear. When we first
    viewed this tape, we thought that the UFOs might be military flares
    released from a plane at sea, but military flares do not fly up, they float
    straight down, so we decided to release this interesting Ufo sighting here.

    #UfoSighting #California

  7. Makes you wonder if they are the ones responsible for it, For all we know
    our Gov or someone else,s Gov is transporting stuff to make nukes. And they
    could be putting a stop to it!

  8. seems there has been a lot of activity here in the bay area too. I
    witnessed a cluster moving all over the place a couple of weeks ago.

  9. Hmmm, these could be chinese lanterns or flares. They appear to
    continually drift downwards. I think the streaking light at around 1:53 is
    unrelated, as it seems to be much closer to the camera.

  10. El tema favorito de muchas personas, los OVNI. antes que alguien me
    malinterprete o algo parecido, como ya me paso antes..

    El termino OVNI como todos sabran, significa (Objecto Volador No

    Pero…. muchas personas, para no decir casi todas, inclusive los
    especialistas de este tema, creo que se dice ufologos, no estoy seguro, le
    dicen asi, refiriéndose a extraterrestres, humanoides, lagartos,
    hombrecillos verdes, los grises, alf, o como quieran llamarlos.

    Sin desviarme mucho del tema, en este vídeo de casi 5 minutos, podemos
    presenciar 3 luces extrañas que se mueven irregularmente un par de minutos,
    sobre los cielos de Australia.

  11. Many ppl set these flares of all the time. Anyone that works in the
    maritime industry will tell you these are from a boating flare gun

  12. These are very similar to the ones I filmed here in Athens a few days ago.
    I have seen them many times the last three years but this is the first time
    my video camera worked!

  13. These are ufo orbs. I seen them here in Toronto on the lake a few times
    they are hovering back and forth on the water for long periods of time
    until it gets boring. I truly believe in a few years we will have our first
    public contact and we are getting condition to them being here and years
    later we could be in school with them and years later having interstellar
    relationships with them ………it would be nice to have a few arms extra

  14. Fake. You can see the one that takes off first appears in front of the
    black/dark hill in the horizon. Like a light shining on a glass window or

  15. The blast at the bottom is from a flare gun . This is not a ufo sighting
    but a few flares fired into the sky. That’s why they fall and sway in the
    wind to the ground. 


  17. swamp gas… fireworks…. laser show…. remote controlled devices… ?
    or could it be CGI… hmm or maybe those are ufo’s 😉 I dont know, still
    need to see with my own eyes, hope they land soon ;)

  18. I think that explosion of sparks you saw could have allot to do with this
    whole experience. The UFO’s you saw were either powering up off the high
    tension power lines that are strung on those 2 towers OR the lines were
    damaged possibly leaking enough voltage into the atmosphere to cause a
    plasma discharge in the atmosphere which was the source of the UFO’s.
    Either event is possible and both have been documented in the past. Which
    it was we will probably never know.

  19. There is an object on 1:53 that actually passes from left side to right
    side in the middle of screen. Take a good look, black object at high speed.
    Also as SSmelb said, something from ground is shooting at that black ufo.

  20. they could be based in Antarctica…lots of hydrogen…no people…
    1978 a small plane went missing via King island…interesting

  21. Nikola Tesla should be running these test flights of his machine instead of
    the international CIA KGB conglomerate

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