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0 thoughts on “UFO Sighting Report 20141012: Amsterdam, October 12 2014, 09:36 GMT

  1. Todos los hemos visto, muchos lo hemos grabado, pero en pocas ocasiones las
    imágenes son tan buenas.

  2. Hello theInterzone. I would like to put some of your footage (from this
    video UFO Sighting Report 20141012: Amsterdam, October 12 2014, 09:36 GMT )
    into one of our videos to make a point, would this be a problem and happy
    to give you credit, etc. Please feel free to check our website.

  3. So, the videographer just happen to be filming random airliners that day.
    Were they purposely looking for the “chem-trails” (aka contrails consisting
    of water vapor?) I guess it doesn’t matter but one thing about extra
    terrestrial visitors does.
    The UFO is indeed that to be sure but that does not necessarily mean it is
    of extra terrestrial origin. Think about it, the nearest galaxy to us is
    the Canis Major Dwarf Galaxy which is 25,000 light years from us so any
    civilization visiting us, even traveling at the speed of light would take
    25000 years to reach us. Also the universe is still expanding so there is
    that to factor in. Any visitors we would see would have to have developed
    super luminal travel (faster than light speed) as far as we know such a
    thing cannot be done. Not to say it’s impossible but why travel that
    distance only to not make contact? They certainly wouldn’t have to worry
    about us as a threat. Their technology is obviously superior to ours. I’m
    almost certain that there is life in the universe other than ours but so
    many things about aliens actually visiting us make no sense.

  4. Oh and its fucking 2014, why is it that whenever people present “evidence”
    of the unexplained its always grainy as fuck. Like it was captured with
    1960’s technology. THATS WHY NO ONE BELIEVES YOUR SHIT

  5. Amazing! That metallic red party balloon that was floating at a completely
    different altitude totally refueled from the contrail without even
    disturbing it. #ironydetectoron 

  6. In the slo-mo, one might notice that the “UFO” seems to have flashed what
    appears to be a running light or possibly a true balloon that glistens at
    one point (?)

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