Check out these ufo images:

UFO Sighting over Bogota, Columbia on March

Image by DragonRal
UFO Sighting over Bogota, Columbia on March 2011, video.

ufo Neck

Image by pj925
purple freshwater pearls
handmade sterling silver UFO with 2 amethysts and 1 peridot.

UFO Catcher Strangeness

Image by Magda Stremeski
UFO catchers (or skill tester machines as they’re known in other parts of the world) are fairly common in Japan. This one in Yokohama seemed to have bread as the prize. Yes, BREAD!

On closer inspection, it wasn’t real bread but apparently a toy that looked, felt and smelt like bread with honey spread on it. Why a toy like that would ever need to be invented, I don’t know.

Why anyone would want to spend money trying to catch one…well, actually, I would, just to show other people the silly thing I caught in Japan 🙂