UFO Sighting in Tokyo, Japan – FindingUFO

Date of sighting: Oct 18, 2014. Location of sighting: Tokyo, Japan. Video by: Nishi Ko (YT-channel). ♫ Intro Soundtrack by Tom D Lewis | © All rights reserve…
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0 thoughts on “UFO Sighting in Tokyo, Japan – FindingUFO

  1. Thats those fire things you let into the air and they fly really long up
    quite a traditional thing in Japan :)

  2. Very likely RC quadcopters…but only way to confirm is actually see them
    land….either actual Ufo landing which would be one of the first ever
    caught in tape or RC quad,?

  3. great love this because it shows that these lights are not plane
    headlights or distant objects they clearly come down in front of the
    building’s probably to abduct or investigate thanks

  4. Interesting, yet humans know barely anything about whats out there. There
    are many theories of what Ufo’s could be mistaken for. If only I could go
    super close to the UFO and search it. Its amazing.

  5. At 0:24 of the video you see the light on the near side of the out of focus
    close up antenna? How is that possible if it’s a great distance away?

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