UFO Sighting in Sweden

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UFO sighting - Brilliant footage over China, Russia, and USA

A series of UFO sightings taken over Russia, China, and the USA during 2009 and 2010. These sightings appeared around the same time as the spiral sightings t…

0 thoughts on “UFO Sighting in Sweden

  1. I believe. it be very unlikely with all those stars and all those earth
    like planets that life didn’t start somewhere else not just on earth. They
    now think there was life on Mars a billion years ago, We found water on one
    Saturn’s moons WE just got to get over our own egos on who real on the top
    in the universe. It an going visitation that has been going on for at least
    thousands of years.

  2. Why are ufo documentaries in low resolution like this one 240 DPI 1980’s
    style making it almost unwatchable when HD 1080P is available?

  3. @Rickyg1992. alright chill. it’s just what i heard. apparently it’s when
    like, the bottom part of the rocket falls off when in space. that’s all
    what a few people said, and rockets don’t go that fast? i’m sure they go
    pretty fast like.

  4. ok come on people,these are real crafts used by our goverment but where are
    they launching them from,and building these things? someone knows, but
    there whipped by the goverment to speak the truth ,god will protect you,
    dont be scared of the goverment inside of the goverment.can anyone feel

  5. @AaronCostain Yeah 🙁 For some reason that part didn’t upload so that text
    drags over where it should be.

  6. now everybody knows that’s typical balistic missile tests, since the
    06/07/2012 middle east “ufo” buzz

  7. @krsnakris If that was a meteorite or something like that, and flying in
    the sky that big, the crash would be enormous and nobody can hide that. By
    the way, something like astroids would leave a tail of fire behind it, and
    not a mist.

  8. AWESOME meteor footage. Title/tag this video under meteor, meteorite, or
    something of that nature. I believe in alien life and it’s roll in our
    history, but this doesn’t apply.

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