UFO Sighting in Stephenville, Texas of 300 meter craft by Fox News.

The below facts are an exerpt from my book, UFO Sightings of 2006-2009. Chapter Five: Texas 300 meter long UFO, 2008 Try to imagine if you will, you are walk…
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This video of 6 bright orange UFO lights was filmed in Bridgewater, Massachusetts on November 20, 2013 at approximately 6:45 PM. These 6 lights ascended upwa…
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  1. Hi. Last year on November the 5th on a carnival night.
    I saw several purple objects, that I thought were Chinese lanterns heading
    my way.
    It wasn’t until they flew over I saw what looked like alien spaceships.
    Leaving a purple gas behind them.
    Just want to say.
    I do not believe in aliens.
    I think it is something the goverment. Has made.
    My family didn’t believe me, until I shouted to get outside.
    Then we all saw them.

  2. I am also aware that NASA launched it’s Minotaur rockets from it’s Wallop’s
    Island, Virginia launch site, but numerous other videos and pictures of
    this event show it as one long arching light trail over the sky and the
    rocket was in fact not launched until approximately 2 hours after this
    video was recorded.

  3. Interesting footage, did you know Bridgewater, MAis a hot bed for UFO
    activity? It has been for a long time I’m a fellow MA resident and have
    seen many unexplained anomalies in the night sky, mostly during warmer

  4. Those are the same exact objects that my boyfriend and I saw in Worcester,
    MA on the night of October, 25 2014.

  5. Could they be possibly be those Japanese paper lanterns that you put a
    candle in and let drift away like a balloon? 

  6. Jeeze people need to calm down and give this guy a break. He’s not saying
    its “aliens” and he clearly stated that he called it a ufo because
    technically no one knows what it is so therefore it is a “unidentified
    flying object”. As for the lantern theory i lit lanterns off this summer
    and though they look like that going up its unlikely for them to form a
    perfect triangle and stay there, they never stay together or stay lit that
    long. Regardless of what it was thank you for sharing your video. I’m from
    MA also and have also seen weird things around the Bridgewater triangle. 

  7. This is crazy because tonight when I got home from work in Swansea, MA in
    the northeast guy i saw single vertical line in the sky, kinda blurry but a
    distinct light. So odd!

  8. Clearly these are not Chinese lanterns. I have seen them before and those
    lights are def not what they looked like at all. Pretty cool video

  9. an for the rest of you guys trying to explain it away,……..is it because
    you really think the stories in the bibles are the only interpretation of
    earth, and because it fits your lifestyle that it most be true?????? Silly
    rabbit, tricks are for kids!!!!!

  10. I saw them too this is nuts. I was headed back to work is was about 5;45 pm
    in west bridgewater. I told a few people work about it and one of them
    found this video and told me about. Crazy.

  11. I saw something like this in Maryland at night when i was on 695. It’s just
    a bunch of helicopters flying in formation somewhere. 

  12. Well, I don’t know if it is real what we are seeing, I would have to put
    more light into that video and really see what it is. I do know when I
    lived on Elm St. all of our property had power lines running over it and
    the towers were on the edge of our property. One night in 1964 I was
    working in Taunton, my mother and sister called me in such belief and
    excitement. They told me they saw the ufo over the power lines, they
    couldn’t believe what they saw. My mother did call the FBI. They hovered
    over the power tower, and would zip away after a minute or so, with such
    bright lights and in the form or shape as round.

  13. Definitely lanterns. The movement the flicker, and yes I’ve witnessed
    hundreds of these launched at once, multiple times this summer even! There
    back as a fun thing to do at the end of a ceremony or party. Your about a
    mile from a college campus, what are the odds?

  14. These are Chinese lanterns powered by candles. There is no indication
    otherwise. Notice that they travel relative to the wind currents. If so
    many witnessed a “phenomena” why didn’t a plethora of uploads show on

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