UFO sighting 2014 ! US Special Forces jump over giant alien mothership !!!

UFO sighting 2014 ! US Special Forces jump from Blackhawk over giant alien mothership reported in Maywand district – Afghanistan !!! News website : http://ma…

Source: http://www.abc27.com/story/26376997/lower-paxton-township-woman-and-neighbors-see-ufo.

0 thoughts on “UFO sighting 2014 ! US Special Forces jump over giant alien mothership !!!

  1. so lets say this is real. the first scene looks like its fake for sure. but
    when they jump out? yeah okay thats a little more difficult. but do we
    think these helicopters can fly over a “space ship” that is already flying
    high enough in the atmosphere to not be noticed by people on the ground. i
    mean more people in afghanistan have the same amount of mobile phones as we
    do. and if that was the way it was. then… i guess no more holy wars. sooo
    calling fake on this one. 

  2. How do you know it is a “mother ship” if it is unidentified? It looks a lot
    like the father ship where I was taken and sexually admired by a race of
    women aliens with 3 boobs each. So………

  3. oh hey look!!!! A UFO!!! Let’s go jump on top of it!!!!

    whoever put this together is crying out for attention. stupid asshat

  4. It wouldn’t surprise me if the real reason American forces are there in
    Afghanistan is to secure UFOs and other alien artifacts from which much can
    be learned, rather than letting it fall into the hands of arch enemies
    Russia and China. Taliban is just an excuse. Using night vision and
    thermal goggles, and also advanced satellite imagery, Taliban could be
    crushed in a matter of less than 10 days, completely. But they have to
    persist with their efforts to continue staying in Afghanistan, and the
    reason just might be UFOs. 

  5. Area 51 reverse engineering a whole iraqi city would be a huge undertaking
    in the
    history of the US coz that’s a huge mothership, talk about roads houses,
    IEDs, I can’t get my head around this iraqi mothership

  6. What happens next? …they landed on the mother-ship, were greeted by the
    Aliens and then were invited for a cup of tea…

  7. The mother ship is either an afagnistan or iraqi city and believe marines
    in and over those motherships all the times, some come up dead others
    injured by
    IEDs but most importantly most come home. I am strongly suggesting that all
    afaganistan and iraqi cities/towns sorry in this case mothership, need to
    be taken to
    area 51 for future analysis or reverse engineering.

  8. I live right by the gap and see a lot of flares and there the same color of
    those you see a lot of cool stuff when you live by the gap

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