ATOMIC BOMBS, US MILITARY, UFOs & NATIVE AMERICAN TRADITION COLLIDE IN A POP CULTURE MELT DOWN OF EPIC PROPORTIONS. Native American beliefs, Roswell, government conspiracy theories and the search for spiritual meaning all take root as we explore a subculture populated by enthusiasts, skeptics, investigators, abductees, and entrepreneurs. Humorous, compelling and stripped of tabloid TV sensationalism, this film examines the cultural, economic and metaphysical factors behind the UFO phenomenon. HIGH STRANGE NEW MEXICO 3 DVD SPECIAL EDITION – now on DVD and LOADED with Bonus Features and Interviews – Cat#U668, 323 mins. Go to “…DELIGHTFUL & OFTEN HILARIOUS…” – SPIRIT MAGAZINE “…LEAVES YOU THINKING…” – DUNCAN ROADS, NEXUS MAGAZINE “…OLIVER STONE AND SPIKE LEE COULD LEARN FROM THESE (FILMMAKERS) – ELIZABETH ROSE, TALENT IN MOTION MAGAZINE