UFO over Tabriz, Iran

UFO / OVNI / НЛО / Tabriz, Iran . “xxxdonutzxxx – latest UFO sightings” has finished the project on YouTube. Audio Color World own all distribution rights of the uploaded videos on our…
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Sufjan Stevens performs Concerning The UFO Sighting Near Highland, Illinois and other songs at PEN’s 2007 PENultimate Lit series.

0 thoughts on “UFO over Tabriz, Iran

  1. E farei aparecer prodígios em cima, no céu; E sinais em baixo na terra,
    Sangue, fogo e vapor de fumo. Atos 2:19

    E haverá em vários lugares grandes terremotos, e fomes e pestilências;
    haverá também coisas espantosas, e grandes sinais do céu. Lucas 21:11

    Os carros de Deus são vinte milhares, milhares de milhares. O Senhor está
    entre eles, como em Sinai, no lugar santo. Salmos 68:17

  2. This is not Tabriz, there is a bell sound of a church at the beginning of
    the clip and there are no churches in Tabriz!

  3. hey guys i’m from tabriz and i says yes its not in tabriz and our
    langu…and for ur trusted me i can speak persian:اینجا تبریز نیست بچه ها
    is it enough guys ?!

  4. Kid was Persian, Guy I can’t tell his accent because just for Parsi
    language we can say It wasn’t. Place: person who shared said Tabriz!!! do
    you trust him and if not who cares. jest letting you to know
    Russian-Iranian version is ready too.

  5. That certainly is not an Iranian accent… You should not consider yourself
    a good imitator… Your “Persian” accent sounds more like a freakish form
    of Indian/pakistani accent… What is strange is you…

  6. probably Aliens become to Tabriz just to try Abgoosht and Khoofteh Tabrizi
    ( popular food in this area )

  7. for those of you who thinks this accent is not persian…the formal
    language of iran is persian…but there are many languages in iran and in
    north west of iran including tabriz the main language is turkish.

  8. I was just watching the history channel and Iran said they used technology
    from a UFO that crashed there and they then showed a picture of the machine
    that one of their scientist had made and said it has capabilities that no
    one has ever seen or will believe. It was a blueprint for a machine that
    looks just like this craft! So I’m not sure if it’s a UFO or like Iran
    said, a machine that they made from the technology of the UFO that crashed

  9. Definitely, his English accent is not Iranian – not Persian nor Azari
    (Tabrizi). But he could be a tourist visiting Tabriz, Iran.

  10. – can you tell us more about your father you hate and mock? Why where these
    humans wanted to run test, and what where the test? Implant activation?

  11. he composed this…. wow. this song it just makes me think about my whole
    life. sounds corny but i think this is a very beutiful song.

  12. Beautiful song, but Sufjan needs some piano lessons badly. I’m glad he
    found a professional to play on the album cut.

  13. Yeah he can play piano very well, I believe it’s the first instrument he
    learned. UFO has a crazy time signature but he plays it perfectly on the
    studio recording. And whoever mentioned a lisp: he does have a slight lisp.
    It’s quite noticeable if you talk to him.

  14. This song is so good on the album, but I have issues with the way he plays
    it live. It still sounds great, but the timing on the piano is eschewed in
    lieu of randomness, which is a bit of a bummer. My favorite thing about
    this song is its cleanliness, and while random interchange and extra
    stanzas can work very nicely, it is not the case here.

  15. his playing isnt that off, in the actual song the time signature changes a
    lot. he did an amazing job. btw i learned this song and it is really really
    hard to play and sing at the same time

  16. zoso6322: Maybe you know how to copy the artwork of others, but you do
    *not* understand art whatsoever.

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