Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs) are described as saucer, bowl, or triangular shaped craft with nocturnal lights and appear to be under intelligent control. Objectively, any flying object that initially cannot be identified as an airplane, helicopter, blimp, balloon or kite, is termed as a UFO. Even though the first sighting began with Kenneth Arnold in 1947, UFO accounts back to ancient times; ancient cave drawings, sculptures, paintings, and folklore depict UFO influence on mankind.

Is alien abduction or UFO sighting real events? People from all walks of life, religion, occupation and ethnicity have witnessed a flying, shining disc. And, many claim to have encountered contact with extraterrestrials through physical or psychological interventions. Usually the contacts are malevolent; forced medical tests conducted on the victims.

To assert that UFO is an extraterrestrial spacecraft is a delicate task, numerous claims have been subjected to examination and all of them have not exhibited any conclusive proof. Usually, photographic anomaly or a deceptive multimedia graphic comes forth in the limelight of the acclaimed photographs. However, when all such possibilities are ruled out, only then it can be safely proclaimed that extraterrestrial spacecraft are UFOs, until then we have to continue our journey into the scientology world.

According to a 1996 research, approximately 4 million Americans have claimed to been whisked aboard an alien craft unwillingly and subjected to medical experiments, or sexually assaulted. Victims have showcased their abduction through implants, cattle mutation or crop-circles, all of which contain no exclusive proof of being raided by extraterrestrial, and some are mystical in nature. Scientists have formulated theories that can provide a comprehensive explanation to these evidences.

Ufology is the branch of science that studies the existence of UFOs and extraterrestrial life. Scientists have categorized extraterrestrial species into three categories The Grays, Humanoids and Beast Like Aliens.

The Grays are described as highly evolved alien species who are up to 5 feet tall, have large heads, thin arms and legs, large shiny, opaque black eyes, and are remarkably intelligent. They have frequent occurrence as reported by witnesses.

Humanoids or Nordics are usually reported in Europe. They are super-humans, often referred as space brothers and carry an attractive and friendly poise.

Beast Like Aliens are ordinarily reported in South America and Africa. They include furry little monsters, giant blobs, Cyclopes, and giant insects.

According to a retired government physicist – Bob Lazar, alien aircraft operates on antigravity-propulsion. The craft generates its own gravitational field, compelling it to move forward at a perpetual cascading motion. The craft is built for rapid space travel, and appear to wobble and move sporadically when hovering or traveling at slow speeds. Fascinatingly numerous eyewitness descriptions stands in accordance with this theory.

It is fiercely believed that US government holds secret organizations like Men In Black and Jason Society, who engage in suppressing the extraterrestrial existence amongst human kind. The notorious “Roswell Incident has led us to believe that the United States Government has commenced with aliens to abduct and conduct experiments on human in lieu of their technology.

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