UFO mainstream media coverage MASS SIGHTINGS taking place

NOTE THIS VIDEO DOES NOT IMPLY THE WORLD IS GOING TO END IN 2012 UFO mainstream media coverage MASS SIGHTINGS taking place. This video deals with more recent…

Pyramid UFO sighting in CHINA ! Beijing ! July 2014. UFO sighting reported by thousands of witnesses in Beijing. ORIGINAL & FULL LENGTH VIDEO (CLICK HERE!!!)…

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  1. I have videos of presidents, air force officers, generals & astronauts all
    admitting aliens & their space crafts are here.I know how to literally
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  2. Yeah, Aliens, lol alright. Get real, people want it to be real so bad they
    believe anything. Almost as embarrassing as the guy in the comments
    role-playing an Alien.

  3. The ufos are real people but do not be fooled by people saying there are
    aliens flying them because i know that the Germans invented the flying
    saucers etc.From the Germans the technology spread to other governments of
    the world and ever since the flying saucer technology has advanced big
    time.Have a look here on you tube,type in German flying saucers,ufos.The
    ufos started out as flying saucer shaped aircraft and from there they
    created all different types of aircraft with different shapes and
    sizes. The Germans invented them in the 1920s or 1930s and they even used
    them to help fight the war in world war 2.Have you ever heard of the
    unidentified flying objects that people saw flying around in world war 2
    called the Foo Fighters?

  4. 0:45 1:25 and 7:25 8:13 Are us Who are We? We are the Arcturians. I am
    Juliano.The force of your desires for the fifth dimension is becoming more
    magnetic.You are now experiencing the power of that magnetism.The fifth
    dimension deals with attractions and like-mindedness. You must have pure
    heart and intention for the higher frequency and light in order to enter
    the fifth dimension. Our work with you is very simple – we are sending you
    a frequency of pure light and love which will activate mental clarity.
    Let me speak about mental clarity.There are many facets that you are
    confronting on the third dimension. Mental clarity is one aspect that you
    need to constantly be reminded of and work towards. It is true that you
    must also open your heart to work with the fifth dimension. When your
    heart is open, your mind becomes clearer and then you can achieve clarity.
    Earth mind is connected to universal mind and the collective unconscious.
    Many of your artists connect with the images from the collective
    unconscious and develop beautiful poetic and artistic images. Come to work
    with the Arcturians and others like ourselves who are of higher vibrations.
    We are connected to the galactic unconscious as well as the universal
    unconscious. Strive to incorporate such higher vibrations in your daily
    work. We are working with you very diligently to activate your unconscious
    and subconscious, because we know that they have certain codes and keys
    that need to be unlocked. These codes or keys, once unlocked, will also
    connect you to universal and galactic unconscious.
    We are working to connect you to the Arcturian subconscious. There are
    beautiful images that we can send you. We have beautiful techniques in
    healing that we can share. These methods include ways of connecting to the
    corridors of light, the healing chambers, the crystal temple and other
    powerful sources of light. These images and methods can also come into
    your unconscious. We are providing the links so that you can activate your
    subconscious and unconscious and then you use these healing forces
    with your conscious mind. These forces will also activate mental clarity.
    Using the Arcturian methodology can lead you not only to our subconscious
    and unconscious but to the galactic unconscious. The Andromeda galaxy also
    has a very powerful connection to our galaxy. You know that the Andromeda
    galaxy in many ways parallels the Milky Way Galaxy. In some ways it is
    more advanced. In some ways that galaxy is closer to the universal center.
    We, the Arcturians, are also connected with the Andromedans and we are
    providing linkage from the Andromeda system to the Milky Way and to you.
    You will ask why, with everything going on in the Earth, including the
    photon belt and Earth changes, would we be interested in connecting you to
    the Andromedan system. First of all, the Andromedan system and the
    Andromedan Council is providing information and guidance to the Great White
    Brotherhood/Sisterhood Council. This furthers the development of the
    spiritual awareness and the spiritual linkage on Earth. It is clear that
    the spiritual linkage between the third and the fifth dimension needs to be
    more activated and that higher powers need to open up the corridors even
    wider. We are aware, as is the White Brotherhood/Sisterhood, of the
    extraordinary openings that are being manifested on this planet and the
    extraordinary linkup that will continue to occur between the third to the
    fifth. There is no question that this is an extraordinary leap. Do not
    take this leap as a matter of fact. We need to remind you that an even
    more tremendous leap in consciousness and a greater doorway is going to
    open. The Andromedans are assisting in the technology to provide the needed
    huge energy boost to the earth. This an alignment that we are talking
    about of higher purpose with the fifth-dimensional masters. It is also an
    alignment with fifth-dimensional energy, the subconscious and unconscious
    on this galaxy and other galaxies.
    Other galaxies are coming into alignment with the Milky Way Galaxy. This
    is one reason why so many of the extraterrestrial higher beings want to
    work with the earth and want to ensure that she is in proper alignment.
    Because it is needed! This section of the galaxy has been out of alignment
    for some time. It is important for all to come into the perfect corridor
    of light and connect. We will help all of you manifest this powerful
    connection and alignment to the fifth dimension.
    It is clear that you are contributing greatly to the manifestation of this
    connection. You are helping to create the link between the third and
    fifth; therefore, this link is overcoming your karma so that you can
    bypass the fourth dimension. The link is opening wider because of your
    desire and attraction to the fifth dimension. Thus, view this link as
    bringing your desires into manifestation. Yes, it would be a breaking of
    universal laws, if for example, there were suddenly a group of primitive
    beings on the third dimension who were brought into the fifth without any
    preparation, or effort on their part. But in your case, this is not so!
    You are not primitive beings. You are higher evolving beings. You are
    manifesting this call to the corridors and to the fifth dimension. We are
    providing part of the linkage, too.
    I call on each of you to go within and access your subconscious and
    unconscious. You can command your subconscious to connect and unlock the
    codes within, so that you are in perfect alignment to the calling. The
    doorway is going to be open even wider. I provide now a corridor of light
    from our mothership for all of you throughout this country and other
    countries. And we are asking that you all join in a huge connecting link
    to our mothership. You are going to radiate a special light frequency that
    will enable corridors to open around you wherever you go. This corridor of
    light is going to connect to the Arcturian mothership. From the Arcturian
    mothership, we will solidify that corridor so that it will go directly to
    the stargate. From the stargate we are able to allow the linkage from your
    aura and etheric energy to be encoded in the stargate.
    I turn the lecture over to Tomar.
    This is Tomar. You are so brilliant and so light-filled, as you are coming
    to the stargate. There is a major importance in having your etheric energy
    encoded in the stargate’s doorway. This is an eternal link that you now
    have established with the stargate. This link enables you to come up to
    the stargate at any point. Also we are working to ensure that the codes
    within your mind will be opened permanently to the stargate. Therefore,
    you can come in contact with other Arcturian lightworkers on Earth and
    activate them. I will not say that you will be able to encode them, as we
    are doing with you… You will remind them. In the Jewish religion and
    tradition they use the expression “being written in the book of life” at
    the New Year. We are now announcing that you can be written and encoded
    into the doorway of the Arcturian stargate. This will provide you with a
    frequency that ensures your connection to your light body. You can come to
    the fifth dimension now through a conscious and an appropriate level of
    There is karma on your planet. Karma implies that you must go through
    certain steps in order to accomplish lessons so that you can progress on to
    your next life. When discussing jumping to the fifth dimension, many
    people have asked the question: “What about my karma?” You are going
    through an intense evolutionary cycle and major upliftments. We are
    helping you to activate your internal development and are providing you
    with more energy to accelerate your evolution. I want each of you on Earth
    to be prepared for a speeding up of your evolutionary development. Some
    of you may say: “Tomar, things have been happening so fast already. What
    are you talking about, going faster? ” You have made it to this point.
    You know that if you look within that there still seems to be a major
    amount of work that needs to be completed. You can complete it. I assure
    you. Because you are connected now to the stargate, then you are going to
    have a new energy vibration within your system. You will be able to
    assimilate each experience that you are having on the Earth immediately and
    thus speedily karmic lessons. You will be able to use each experience to
    its highest potential. If you could be totally involved in each moment and
    use each experience to its highest potential and evolution, then you could
    complete all of your “karmic” tasks in a couple of years or less!
    When somebody of a higher energy appears on the planet, then his or her
    purpose is to accelerate the development of everyone who comes in contact
    with him or her. Now we have the presence of large group of Arcturian
    starseeds and those who are sympathetic to us on Earth. They are coming
    together to assist in accelerating large groups.
    Special tonal sounds can be assimilated in your mind and
    unconscious. These sounds are helping to remove the crystalline block-like
    substances that are around your mental body..
    Now I will turn the discussion over to Helio-ah. Remember you are still
    connected to the stargate.
    This is Helio-ah. I have many friends among you. I am very eager to meet
    with you in person… I am sending a holographic image of myself down to
    Earth. Some of you will be able to see me without having to open your
    eyes. It will be a holographic perception. I am loving all of my friends
    very deeply. I want to speak to you of our Arcturian energy. Our energy
    from your perspective is a feminine energy. Our energy is a soft and light
    energy. It is particularly adaptive to your needs. Feminine energy and
    soft energy has been misused and abused on in this planet. It is the
    return of the soft and feminine side that is the needed force that can
    provide the total opening to the fifth dimension. Feminine energy can
    provide access to the corridors of light. I have been chosen to come on
    this mission to Earth and provide a model for you of spiritual
    enlightenment, spiritual energy and spiritual mental clarity. Julliano has
    spoken so well of the importance of mental clarity. The mental clarity I
    am going to activate within each of you has to do with your third eye. In
    pictures of us, you may notice if you look deeply at them, that there can
    occur an activation of your third eye energy when you look at our image.
    We are very connected with our third eye. I will tell you in the Arcturian
    system what you refer to as the third eye on Earth is really the fifth eye
    on Arcturus. The third eye is for the third dimension. In the fifth
    dimension, we are talking about the fifth eye – the doorway to the fifth
    dimension. You will be able to perceive that fifth eye through your third
    eye. Some have said that we are not emotional, or that they have not felt
    the Arcturian love. It is the mental abilities that we have that are very
    loving. We speak of the Creator in terms of being a mental energy. By
    that I mean the Creator has no body, no manifested physical mind. We speak
    of the thoughts of the Creator. The Andromedans have mastered the ability
    to be of pure thought. These Andromedans have shown many of us the
    evolutionary path into “pure thought consciousness existence.” You can
    conceive of being pure thought. I will take you to the crystal temple.
    There we will have an experience of pure thought. You will not use your
    body – just thought. I know that you are still connected to the stargate –
    I ask you to come back in consciousness to the mothership that is over the
    Earth. Let us join together and then project ourselves to the crystal
    temple and on the crystal temple grounds we sit on the shore. I want you
    to leave your body on the shore. Just be thought. Then think: “I am
    inside the crystal and the crystal temple with Helio-ah. I am thought.
    When you are at this level of thought, you are closest to the Godhead
    energy. You are closest to pure light. It is because you are in the
    crystal that you can experience this pure thought. There is only purity
    around you in the crystal. In pure thought you can manifest healings to
    your physical body. You can do that through sending the healing thought to
    your etheric body and then from that body to your physical body on
    Earth. Leave a thought inside the crystal. It is time that you leave your
    mark here within this crystal. It can be as simple as saying: “I am
    David, I am Gudrun, I am Len, I am Nan.” Come back to the shore. One has
    asked about the healings that are necessary for cancer on the Earth. It
    can be done totally with thought and light healing and light energy. It
    takes a huge speeding up of consciousness to accomplish this. I realize
    that many will not be able to do this, but the technology for higher
    vibrational energy healing is coming to this planet very soon. There are
    many great healers already on this Earth. There has never before in the
    history of this planet been as many powerful healers on the planet.
    The cancer source comes from a darkness and a disruption in your genetic
    structure. This genetic structure will be unraveled within the next eight
    years. If you are still here, you will see that the genetic code will be
    cracked. There has been so much tampering with the genetic structures but
    we are helping through this project to bring more clarity to your genetic
    I enjoy very much seeing you with so much clarity. I ask you to smile to
    yourself. This is one way to ensure that the work that we have
    done together will be fixed within your structure. I see that you will be
    working and operating at maximum mental capacity very soon. You have
    wonderful minds and remember that these minds are now connected to the
    galactic unconscious and universal unconscious.

    Want to know where we from? go here
    http://www.bibliotecapleyades.net/vida_alien/alien_races01a.htm Want to
    know more about us? go here

  5. 5 things are going to happen with this..

    1- they invade us for our resources (dont see that happening because they
    been here for ages)
    2- they come down, now we see them more often and we become friends (like
    ben 10)
    3- we do our normal thing and try to declare war on them.
    4- they just keep staying where they are and dont do anything but watch us.
    5- or they come down only to stop us from killing each other, seeing as
    they are way more advanced then us and know waaaay more then us.

    that’s my opinion. peace!

  6. i really do believe all of this i have seen 1 in real life and caught it on
    camera alot of people don’t believe its whatever tho. and i really do think
    the government hide things like this from us cause they don’t really
    acknowledge it or nothing strange…. UGH i want to know the

  7. Why would NASA invest all this money and time to explore space? Why send
    rovers at Mars? And then there are these strange events recorded and
    covered by the national media. Only a fool would be too naive to admit that
    we are not alone. 

  8. Consciousness is the baseline for all phenomena. As soon as this is
    realized, we may meat these entities. Consciousness- The answers to
    manifest all phenomena into our physical ‘reality.’ The veils between
    worlds are thinning. It’s not that people are ‘just crazy.’ But, it’s not
    that things are as they seem either. 

  9. All those people taking photos and videos and this is the ONLY ONE about
    this matter on YouTube. How believable is that, eh? The same goes for your
    Slaviansk UFO video. If it were real there would be more than one video
    about the matter, no?

  10. It’s just the building collapsing. The building in the far back, with the
    red on it, collapses. Lol

  11. This looks so real, it doesn’t look like superimposed shitty effects or
    anything, does NASA know of this footage? 

  12. Rodan come. You are being in danger. Make your feet move very fast.
    Godzilla is taking away Rodan for a capturing. You will have a safe city
    before too soon.

  13. looks to like everyone was waiting to watch a building be collapsed and the
    film maker just used it for a fake ufo sighting..
    the dust if from a building being collapsed..
    either way though, i love seeing even good faked sightings…

  14. Somebody check the Giza Plateau in Egypt, I think one of their pyramids is
    missing. lol Won’t the Egyptian Department of Antiquities be PISSED!

  15. The dust and then I have heard that UFOs do not make any noise. It sounded
    like this one was making noise……..hmmm. IDK this is a tricky one.

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