UFO. lights out / only you can rock me

two gems from what I consider to be one of the greatest live albums ever Over 1Year later I’;m pleased i began this debate..There is NO best Rock Album Ever. It’s all a matter of personal taste, REMEMBER…There is NO bad Music…Only Bad Listeners ….Tim :))

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  1. Thank you so much this music and the post. I always loved UFO, I LIVE IN Oregon and not many people know who they are, why ? it stands up to anything out right now ,great live band, i also saw MSG unplugged it was amazing .

  2. Top 10 Best live albums from 60’s to 80’s (in my opinion): UFO – Strangers in the Night, Kiss – Alive, Zeppelin – The Song Remains the Same, Grand Funk – Live Album, Thin LIzzy – Live and Dangerous, Deep Purple – Made in Japan, Ted Nugent – Double Live Gonzo, Cheap Trick – Live At Budokan, Aerosmith – Live Bootleg and Judas Priest – Unleashed in the East. (in no particular order).

  3. for sheer enthusiasm,KISS Alive 2 should be included in the discussio(even though a couple tracks were studio)

  4. Live albums I have enjoyed over the years….this one of course, Judas Priests Unleashed in the East, Cheap Trick’s Live At Budokan, Scorpions WorldWide Live 85, Aerosmiths South Side of Sanity….

  5. @edgardickens Pete Way mentions in this video that there are very few over dubs on the album. So it’s essentially one of the very few truly live albums. run a search for this… “UFO [ ROCKUMENTARY,PART 5 OUT OF 5 ] ” . It’s also mentioned that Schenker was ticked off cuz the producer wouldnt allow him to redo any of his solos in the studio.

  6. @edgardickens 2 of my friends seen them at the Hammongd Civic Center, which was their gig right b4 the one you hear here. They both were blown away by the show. But, yeah Ive read that they doctored up the recording b4 it was released, as they do with all live albums. But what i think they did with this one was take tracks from other shows.For example, the verses and choruses of Lights out are probably truely live from chicago. But the solos could possibly be from the show my friends were at.

  7. You won’t get an argument from me dude. This -IS- the best live rock album ever recorded.

  8. @edgardickens It’s live, the only song they dubbed was a rhythm guitar part on Natural Thing.

  9. Easily ONE of the greatest live albums ever. However, let’s not be too hasty to dismiss Deep Purple’s Made in Japan, Emerson Lake & Palmer’s Welcome Back My Friends, and YESSONGS

  10. @edgardickens this is live! most awesome live album ever ! virtually no overdubs. Classic UFO. do yourself a favor and get it

  11. Shenker’s solo in “Only You Can Rock Me” is one of the best leads EVER, executed hear to such perfection, it’s hard to believe it’s not overdubbed. (I know it’s not)

  12. @jelsma Yup. I have to agree. I can’t ever think of a live album that comes close to this perfection. But not just cuz of Schenker. The whole band was PERFECT. Phil’s voice is so awesome.

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