UFO LED Grow Light Review

Trying to buy hydroponic LED grow lights is a challenging task for hobby growers since you will find quite a few currently on the growing light market. With that being said, indoor gardeners should know the reasons why so many people use LED Grow Lights for their indoor gardening needs.

I decided to review the 90 watt UFO grow light.  I bought the light online and set it up at home on a sattelite tripod, which connects to the stand with 3 wires, nut, and bolt.  It didn’t take too long to setup and all instructions were included with the grow light and stand.

Once turned on, you will know it is running from the sound of the fan.  The fan is not super loud, but it is also not silent, so you can hear it running.  One thing I noticed right off the bat is how focused the light source is.  It emits a bright purple / pink glow and you can feel the heat coming from the light.  I performed my test by starting with some seedlings and also with some plants that were partially grown to full grown.

LED lighting is very conventient for indoor growing.  I performed my tested during the winter, when growing outdoors in my area would never have possible.  As far as how the lights performed, i think that you get what you pay for.  The UFO light is a cheap led grow light, so I’s not going to perform to the same level as other lighting methods as hps or cmh lighting. But my plants did grow and they did produce, so in the end I was happy with the results.  The UFO light was alos very easy on my electric bill, which is another positive in my book.

LED lights are the future of indoor gardening.  In my opinion, the UFO LED light is an adequate purchase if you are looking to buy a cheap led grow light.  In the future, the prices will only come down more with quality improving.



Mandy has been writing stories and articles from a very young age on any flat surface she could find.  In my opinion, the UFO LED light is an adequate purchase if you are looking for a cheap led grow light.

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