UFO: la bruja in Mexico (Mexican witch) Spanish

UFO on FACEBOOK: www.facebook.com —————————————— by guerrillaradio.iobloggo.com Footage of a flying humanoid who many claim to be a real life witch flying over monterrey mexico by the alien web site guerrillaradio.iobloggo.com
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how to cricket, how to ufo, and how to crickets into ufo, with vietnamese/english translation
Video Rating: 4 / 5

51 thoughts on “UFO: la bruja in Mexico (Mexican witch) Spanish

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  12. yessss i did it 😀 omg thanks dude it seriously took long to do it’s not even funny “O.o” not like a year but like months

  13. holy omg. viet people giving tutorials!! xD maddog’s xD

    very good tutorial, explained alot to me 🙂

  14. hey i need some help. when i try the cricket, my foot ends up touching the floor. Do you have any advice on getting me balanced? thanks

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