UFO Invasion of Sakurajima Unexplained Lights, Smoke, and UFOs.

Sakurajima Unexplained Lights, Smoke and UFOs. 04-02-2011 Japan Many unknown phenomena and objects were observed in several cities Japan during and after the destruction of the tsunami. This is one of the clearest videos and awesome alien demonstrations in the region after the earthquake followed by tsunami.

Laurence Galian’s Podcast “The Place Inside” Episode # 9 “Enki’s Laboratory, Rh-negative Blood, How to De-Bunk a De-Bunker” Enki’s Laboratory and City have been found! Zechariah Stichen told us about this in his books. In this show we explain where the laboratory was found and what exactly was Enki doing! Planetary Consciousness – Interviewing: Laurence Galian – 8 junio 2011 www.ustream.tv Who have been some of the greatest Metaphysical Freedom Fighters of the past? Do you doubt there really were a group of individuals who fought back against the ruling elite? Here we list a few of them from the distant past to the present: The Sons of the Serpent in Lemuria, the Lemurian women, the Eves, Inana, Osiris, Shiva and Mu-Devi, the Prophet David, Tibetan Warrior Monks, Padmasambhava (Guru Rinpoche), Yeshe Tsoygal, Prophet Jesus (“I tell you most solemnly, whoever believe in me will perform the same works as I do myself, he will perform even greater works, because I am going to the Father,” John 14:12), Irish High King Nuada, King Arthur, Gawain, The Bodlanders, Machetto of the Hopi Amerindians, Nata of the Aztecs, Deucalion of Greece, Manu and Satyravata of India, Babd – Queen of the Tuatha de Danann, Khasistra of Persia, Yima of Iran, Dwyfan and Dwyfach of Wales, Bergelmir of Scandinavia, Coxcox of Mexico, Sir Frances Bacon, Madame Helena Petrovna Blavatsky, Rudolf Joseph Lorenz Steiner, and Gurdjieff. These are just a few of the individuals who have made a difference with
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0 thoughts on “UFO Invasion of Sakurajima Unexplained Lights, Smoke, and UFOs.

  1. The boomerang shaped chinese stealth thrown into a stall causing it to spin in circles! It has no propellars duh! Notice they are hollow in the middle? Thise are the afterburners while it is spinning in circles! If the gov can make you believe in alliens then they can experiment on you and they are not to blame!

  2. What I am more concerned with is the 2:18 object middle top that flies away. Probably a Fallen Angel trying to act as a UFO.

  3. Dam look at all the lights at the end tht appear man I hope there here to party and not destroy us

  4. Earthquake lights huh? Maybe the earthquakes happen because of the lights?
    HAARP!!!!! Our government is going to destroy us all!!!

  5. At 4:47 obvius UFO. And something else too at 5:08 . Almost as if it was the same thing, just in weaker glow. Weird.

  6. @autdelux You must be drunk. or overly serious about everything in your life. Take a chill pill pal

  7. @mattmatt115

    ya it happens every day ….. why you dont take a video when it happens every day u genius ^^

  8. I also saw, they leave from all directions, we just covered, do not believe
    that we visited on cecolus, and that is part of our evolution is due to visit these constants, this is the missing link in our evolution.

  9. @OverlordShamala Never seen that before, pretty strange that it happens
    If i seen that first hand, i think id be surprised to say the least

  10. @mattmatt115

    Actually there is a phenomenon recognized by science but is still unexplained. It’s called Earthlights, or often called earthquake lights. These appear before & after an earthquake a, & they very in intensity & color. The often appear in known fault line, even if there is no earthquake. Some geologist has discussed that this luminescent phenomenon should be used as an indicator to predict an impeding earthquake in a certain region since they often appear before an earthquake.

  11. thats someone with a mirror .. joke cheak out recent london ufos every one in the street notices them

  12. @Romulo282838 SHIT
    I just went ot hit reply and thumbs downed you i am sorry…
    But anyway, what are your thoughts on this? WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON HERE?
    I been dismantling the video in editor, and i cant see any evidence of tampering or “adjusting the truth”
    What the fuck are those things shooting at constant velocity into the sky and down and across? They do not accelerate or deccelerate, they do not change direction, what are they? Please help me out here i am at a COMPLETE loss here…..

  13. This is nothing but a lense flare and a electrical substation… And its cherenkov radiation. And its not UFO’s and its not HAARP. Oh and its fake, and the earthquake caused the light… Anymore uneducated theories i can add to this comment before running out of room?
    Aww i cant think of anymore… NOTHING TO SEE HERE, THIS HAPPENS EVERYDAY GUYS!! Its just because you arent looking around nobody EVER notices it. Thats all! Completely normal, happens all the time!

  14. Could you please pronounce Zechariah’s name correctly?? It is S-i-t-c-h-e-n….Sit chen
    thank you.

  15. A have to say that this Vid is the best delivery of entire realism to reality on a over all perception that I have seen to date! WELL DONE!

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