UFO Hunting ~ HmMm… – Tucson, AZ – June 4, 2011

Hmmmeowwww The following is the text from a U FO sighting posted to www.ufostalker.com today. I think it describes to a T what I am seeing here in Tucson which are in this vid you are at right now. They fly low to the ground, but together in formations, switching places but keeping the same median distance from one another. @_@ Case Number: 29394 Log Number: US-06042011-0018 Submitted Date: 2011-06-04 15:32 GMT Event Date: 2011-05-22 00:00 GMT Status: Assigned City: North Ridgeville Region: Ohio Country: US Longitude: -82.0190321 Latitude: 41.3894905 Shape: Circle Distance: 500 feet or less Description: “We were at the Autorama Drive-In theatre. Around the beginning of the movie we saw about 5-6 round lights appear to the right of the movie screen. They all seems to float together, staying about the same distance apart and went behind the movie screen, then to the left of it. They stopped and slowly faded to small lights, then nothing. You could hear other people saying things like “what are those strange lights?” from other cars. We tried to take a picture but it didn’t come out. Other poeple were taking pictures. I checked on facebook and the newspapers the next day to see if anyone reported it, and apparently not. It seemed really close, not much higher up than the screen. I am so a believer now!”

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  1. Why the fuck is this not making mainstream media? Is this information only ever going to be spread by the people’s media (internet) or what?

  2. @Sheilaaliens The headline about the Anti matter been stored 16sec is breaking main stream news today in UK using a magnetic field to store it somehow beat my internet radar. Im very much aware of phenomena you catch i very much enjoyed the orbs an catz eyes video you did seemed orb lite up when ur cat looked at cam ….very deep ..i have me own experiences with them the cat looking orb blinking kinda right up ther deep alley lol.

  3. is it me or is there a ufo chasing another at 1:00, it comes from behind the tree and they both go from left to right, looks like the bigger one wins

  4. @Sheilaaliens Hard to tell they are so far away…they are probably going back & forth dousing the fires? Some kind of helicopters or whatever they use in those situations..just a guess

  5. @nufclad147 when was that?? this isnt the first time I’ve seen them and I posted a vid in late May I think it was.. but this happened just last night. And a me000wwww to youuuu tooooo

  6. they fly about like little moths lol well im sure there be some explanation given. il remember this footage because i saw it the same day news breaks Cern stored anti matter 16 secs lol

  7. @BigKris815 Heck yeah, that was some old B.S If you look into the old secret government mind control progra, MK ULTRA, you will hear a victim’s testimony of being tortured and having mind control experiments conducted on her in Tucson, AZ. = strange things go on here, like the lights on the mountain every night, and now these ones…

  8. Tucson has a lot of very strange things going on in their skies and on the ground, e.i. Jarred Loughtner and the marine who was shot 71 times

  9. Those are some totally eratic moving lights there after 45 secs.  Pretty damn strange. Great catch Sheila

  10. Wow insane activity. They were definitely up to something there. Altho they all seem to be flying at differant speeds and directions, they seemed to concentrate their activities in in that specific area. Hard to tell but it seemed that a few that had paths leading away from area actually doubled back to converge on that one particular spot. A couple of them seemed to be travelling at a pretty impressive rate. Just a hunch, but I don’t get the sense that these were drones.

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