UFO Haiti

shot on the evening of august 6th 2007
Video Rating: 3 / 5


0 thoughts on “UFO Haiti

  1. @TheDarkNight900000
    This was an official teaser for the Cry-engine (Crysis), by Crytek. Made by a software called Vue6.

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  4. @vlefteris i believe there are aliens, but not this shitty video, this is fake as fuck. any half fucking moron can make a video with special effects.

  5. @TheDarkNight900000 Even if it is or was real you would never know it because you are just not ready. Even if a billion real ufo videos or real UFOs landed in front of your house and ETs walked out, you and others like you, would still not believe. The Truth is for ppl who are ready, not for those who arent.

  6. @ TheDarkNight900000 its funny how these are the spacecrafts of Battle: L.A. yet its been posted since 2007…

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