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UFO First Contact. (Power to the people) a time for true change.

The governments of the world thinks they have a right to dictate who will be the first human to have contact with alien life if and when they arrive here on Earth. I think not. The governments of the world has done a real bang up job of creating much pain and sorrow as is. It is not up to the government to decide for us (the people) who can be allowed to communicate with alien lifeforms. When and if this day comes, the government will no longer be needed. The people can take over from here, we don’t need our government withholding any further information than they already have. We do not need the government speaking for us any longer. They have never spoke for the people as is, they do not need to spread any further lies. The people can speak for themselves, thanks. When this day comes, it is time for the people to establish a new government that does what the people want them to do, not what the governments wants the people to do. This day will come, whether they like it or not. Power to the people, not the elites.
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  1. Government bodies are full of Megalomaniacs. Spit… The fact is, the aliens have already decided. They’ve been making contact for quite some time. The question is this: What do they think of us? I shudder at the answer. I’m one of us, and “I” know what I think of us.

  2. Good Video buddy fuck the Goverment yesterday to today they have to try open Hyperspace in Portzugal and in USA

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