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Visit my website at http://www.junglejoel.com – a visit to the Roswell, New Mexico UFO Museum. Please rate and comment, thanks!
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0 thoughts on “UFO FILES – CANADA’S ROSWELL 1.11

  1. No one will believe me but I too saw something very similar to this when I
    was 17 I’m from England n was fishing in the early evening with a few
    friends. We saw a bright orange glow in the sky it looked like a mini sun
    it stayed in the air for about 5 minutes then disappeared leaving a circle
    of smoke behind to this day we wonder what we saw that night. 

  2. I live in Roswell. I would like to apologize for anyone being rude to you
    at the museum. The people are really nice and sometimes they have bad days
    like us so please forgive them. 

  3. Gee whiz folks, the country is collapsing and you visit the Roswell Alien
    Museum? I guess its true what they say about ignorance is bliss.

  4. My family and I went to the Roswell UFO convention last year. We had a
    blast. The town really puts on a show for the convention =)

  5. I live in roswell i would recomend to come to roswell and find out yourself
    there is ufo and alien reserch and much more background history about
    roswell and ufo crash. Beacuse there is alot of made up story out there
    about ufos and roswell crash so i would come to roswell and get the best
    answers.. the theory about rsw attracts alot of tourist year around

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