UFO Documenting App Officially Launches in iTunes

London, ON, Canada (PRWEB) February 10, 2014

Project Capture, a reporting app based on user-acquisition of UFO documentation, officially launched in the iTunes store this week. Created by Rob Freeman and Ryan Mitra of Double R Apps, Project Capture allows users to capture, track and share photos and videos of objects in the sky that they believe to be an unidentified flying object, all through the convenience of their iPhone or iPad.

“We hope to make this the premiere smartphone app for the serious ufologist, and a reliable resource for enthusiasts to stay current with sightings being reported around the world,” says Rob Freeman, Co-Founder of Project Capture.

Project Capture features an interactive world map that displays icons in locations that users have recorded UFO activity. These icons expand into a full report that displays every detail of the sighting, and allows users to track cases, and update them as needed. From the well-known Saucer shape, to a Sphere, or even a Cross – this app uses unique technology to assist in identifying mysterious objects in the sky. Project Capture also includes a news stream containing articles, and video footage, from notable sources that help the public stay up-to-date on the latest UFO activity.

“Our goal with Project Capture is to help keep the public informed, and alert users when there is live activity in their area, and come together as a community to identify the object,” says Freeman.

Project Capture is available now for free, on iTunes.


Founded in 2012, Project Capture is the brainchild of ufologists Rob Freeman and Ryan Mitra. After a childhood U.F.O. experience that was also documented by the local press in Sarnia, Ontario, Freeman consulted Mitra on building an app that notifies the public immediately when there is UFO activity happening in their area, with the ability to record the event and post real-time updates. Ryan worked very closely for two years with a development team from Rocksauce Studios to create the app, and utilize ground-breaking technology to introduce stunning, truly unique features. With ufologists, enthusiasts, and even skeptics in mind, Project Capture was designed to host legitimate evidence of UFO activity, and keep the world informed.

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