UFO Documentary // Close Encounters – Proof of Alien Contact(FULL)

An interesting full length documentary which looks at various pieces of evidence all pointing to Alien contact. No, Not contact with demons and satan… bloody bible thumping nutjobs ­čÖé

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  1. Im an alien in real life. If anyone wants to know the truth´╗┐ message me and me and my buddies will come abduct you and implant a metal plate in ur right butt cheek. Make sure you leave us cookies or we will stick a probe up your ass.

  2. @kraz450 i think of them on a safari to´╗┐ earth. To observe how we behave such as we go to africa to see how animals behave.

  3. @RealityGrapple I am glad to know that I am not alone on this issue. I certainly understand your attempt to make a case which to me, shows that the preponderance of evidence is overwhelming on this phenomena. I have as well often reach the boiling point with a number of closed minded ignoramuses on this forum.´╗┐ I simply end the conversation when I realize that they are linear thinkers who will defend their set beliefs no matter what intelligent argument that you may offer. Cheers.

  4. @RealityGrapple Agree with your reasoning. I break it down in those terms. Those of us who can think both linearly and laterally can accept proof outside of the confined standards of science.´╗┐ Those who are linear thinkers cannot accept evidence outside of the confine of our limited scientific standards. In effect, evidence can only be accepted if it is touched or seen. Most skeptics on this chat are linear thinkers. Many simply cannot grasp the concept of alien visitations.

  5. @kraz450 You are using a personal cockeyed logic to discredit the idea why aliens would visit. You are not qualified to conclude why they’d come here because you’re assuming that their reasoning for traveling here is like that of mankind. Has it ever occurred to you that they are explorers´╗┐ who find that our world has biological or genetic materials they can use? Their desire cannot be speculated about. All that we have is that the preponderance of evidence points that they are here.

  6. I dn’t deny the fact that alien´╗┐ exists but for them to visit a planet earth sounds rather illogical…….we are still using fossil fuel and dn’t have anything remarkable except our weapons…..what would they possibly achieve???? Just waste of their time and effort.

  7. @Marleyites Ya know, even though I know both men, I’ve never heard that idea before. Very astute. And perfectly apt in terms of the impossibility of applying the standardized means of the scientific method to all topics. And I say this as a person who respects science tremendously – I even used to work as a behavioral therapist for kids with autism, which taught´╗┐ me first hand the life changing power of the method. But it just can’t be the final arbiter of all truth. Thanks dude!

  8. @RealityGrapple personal experience is the only truth. scientific validation rests upon the idea of repetitive results, from experiment. It’s called the “restoration of initial condition.” Restore the initial´╗┐ condition of the experiment, do it again, evaluate results. But, Terence McKenna reminds us that Hereclitus told us that “all flows”. We travel thru space, never returning to same place. It’s impossible to restore initial condition. that means the basis of science is fraud.

  9. @cf80to01 If you haven’t seen it, consider the documentary, ‘out of the blue’. It’s the best´╗┐ one there is. I know people don’t like being referred to videos as ‘proof’, but in terms of this elusive subject, it’s pretty darn good for what it is. And then of course, people can track down more info on the contents – such as Dolan’s book “UFO’s and the National Security State”. Keep in mind – even the president can’t access the best info on UFO’s. Clinton, for example, was denied.

  10. @cf80to01 Scientific validation. How does that work, when you’re speaking about, say, a control room full of people who confirm the radar data, the pilot who engages the craft, the witnesses to the failed attempt at a shoot down, etc. It’s not like you can run a controlled experiment on these kinds of events. And the best data is simply hidden. I know this for a fact, and for those not privy, it too is documented; the gov’t has no more classified´╗┐ topic than UFO’s, period.

  11. @RealityGrapple Let me toss my 2 cents worth in´╗┐ here…. I am like Mulder…I want to believe. The problem is that almost all “evidence” is not subjected to any scientific validation. Certainly there have been some RADAR/Radio incidents that deserve a lot more investigation…but shows like this do them a disservice. It is shows like this and UFO Hunters that convince people that the whole thing is a joke.

  12. @elchafa I have seen a few shows on T. McKenna. I have to say I don’t find his “timeline” realistic. I can’t wait for Dec 22, 2012 when we´╗┐ can put this nonsense to rest. That said, when I am able to convince myself UFO’s do not exit, I always find another plausible video from a reliable witness. At that point I have to question….what does that plausible witness have to gain (if anything) from releasing this info? Usually, they have something to gain…leaving me back on square one…

  13. @apeswithhobbies Tell me again how science works and I’ll shit in your´╗┐ mouth. You’re not the only one with an education. You’re just the only one whose ego is way out of proportion with his knowledge of this subject (ie, you know jack shit). Anyone who says there’s not evidence, hasn’t looked. Pompous prick.

  14. @apeswithhobbies Serious scientists HAVE studied the issue, and by no means is the consensus on the evidence that it is flimsy. It’s easy to make blithe remarks about the inferiority of eye witness testimony, but tell that to the radar crews. Or the pilots who are sent up to engage – or who´╗┐ have their instrumentation disable by objects right smack in font of them a half mile wide when they lock on for a shoot down. You’re speaking from abject ignorance.

  15. @apeswithhobbies “Don’t forget that in the 17th century there was no shortage of reliable eyewitnesses – judges, doctors, lawyers, politicians, ship’s captains – with claims of witchcraft and seeing mermaids. ” And who are you to say they didn’t? Perhaps try a book called “Messengers of Deception”, written by French astrophysicist Jacques Vallee. The concept behind´╗┐ the plausibility of these ideas is well presented in that excellent book.

  16. @apeswithhobbies You must accept the fact that a level of scientific proof satisfying your personal standards might not be forthcoming; nevertheless, for many, including the military, it is a reality that must be dealt with. That is is ET technology, is just a hypothesis. That these things are real is not. Their origin remains a mystery, but make no mistake. They are real and they operate´╗┐ intelligently, in a manner that defies our present scientific understanding.

  17. @apeswithhobbies The evidence is plenty credible. This is merely your opinion, informed by a lack of information. And of course, this is BELIEF in action – hence the accuracy of the use of the term ‘denial’; people engaged in´╗┐ denial by definition never think they are.

  18. @apeswithhobbies I don’t need an education in the scientific method. I have one. Note that I also listed radar data. There are also physical ‘trace cases’ and of course, video and such.´╗┐ Stating eyewitness testimony is the lowest rung on the evidence ladder does not negate that it is evidence, especially when it is in volume, and occurring together with said radar readings. Watch ‘out of the blue’ if you like. Best documentary on the subject, imo.

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