UFO Craze and Aliens in History

Aliens have become a pretty big part of our culture.  Specifically the UFO Phenomena that has been going on, and seems to be increasing lately.  If you have been to any of the forums relating to UFOs and Aliens, you might be hearing about how these little lights in the sky are growing more frequent in appearance lately.  It’s caused quite a stir of both intrigue and wonder, with a little panic thrown in for good measure.

2012 is another hot topic, and with the increase in UFO sightings as that ominous date slowly closes in, some are wondering if there might be a connection.  Well, there might be, I can’t be sure, but what I can be sure about is, they’ve been around for a long time.  

The UFO Craze was always around, for thousands of years even, but it got a serious jolt in 1947, when Roswell, New Mexico was met with more then just a sighting.  Everyone knows the story, it’s quite famous, how ‘Something’ crashed in Roswell, which was reported to be a surveillance balloon, but people still hold some doubts about the official story.

Several eye witnesses to the crash and testimonies from officers and others who saw or handled the debris from the crash eventually came forward, stating what they saw and their beliefs on the matter, which perpetuated the idea of a cover-up all the more.  But when a door closes, doesn’t a window open?  Or something like that?  With the cover-up in place, and peoples suspicions about the official story rising further, and little room to pursue the story anymore, with all the roadblocks in place stopping any independent investigation, a new window opened.

The question led from ‘Why’ to ‘What else’.  If our military and government knows about these Unidentified Flying Objects and the little Green-Men from another world that pilot them, and are keeping it a secret from the people, ‘What else’ are they keeping secret from us.  

We had to start looking for answers elsewhere.  So, we began looking everywhere, especially in history for any clues to help with this.  History was just history for a long time, art and poetry, epic stories, religion, politics, etc. But, when we began to look at history more closely, we found there was more being told by our Ancient Ancestors then we first perceived.  A lot more.  We found Aliens and UFOs throughout history in paintings, art, stories, pretty much everywhere.  It became clear that they’ve been here for a while now, they seem to just watch over us.  Hopefully they have a benevolent reason for doing so, and not a malevolent one.

So, as it turned out, Aliens have been a big part of our culture.  The frequent increase in sightings could just be the ebb and flow of their activity, much like a wave upon a shore as they come and go.  Or maybe there is a distinct meaning in their increased appearances as of late.  But, one thing’s for sure, there will likely always be those strange lights in the sky that move in ways our current technology can’t replicate, and we will always watch and silently pray, “Please don’t probe me“.”.

Crux Theory has more on this topic, including pictures, as well as other topics that might interest you.  I hope you enjoyed.

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