Dont know if this is real , from the kgb ufo files

What does the United States government truly know about UFOs and alien visitors on Earth? Evidence exists today that some military officials may know more than we realize. One example is the MJ-12 documents which are signed by United States presidential order and describe strict official protocols and procedures on how military personal are to handle and investigate real alien and UFO encounters. After years of painstaking research many UFO researchers believe the MJ-12 documents are authentic and prove that the Earth has been visited by aliens from another world. Includes the shocking facts behind this amazing story and a fascinating series of spellbinding interviews with researchers and the best known, most credible UFO authorities in the world today. NOW ON DVD IN A 2-DVD — SPECIAL EDITION — Loaded with Bonus Features – Cat# U655 – Go to www.UFOTV.com.


  1. Dude! At 34 Seconds if you look at the back of the jeep you’ll see the DEAD Alien body getting teleported up to the mother ship!

  2. There was no crater left from the crash. It looked more like some type of underground water system sticking up out of the ground. For one they didn’t show the back of it so for all we know if could be tube shaped instead of disc shaped and two I saw a pipe sticking out of the right side of it at 2:52. And that narrator, lmfao!

  3. why all this difficulty in guarding that object and filming it if it is fake???
    its how you want to see it , if you dont believe in ufo’s you will say it’s fake,
    i dont know if its fake or not i Dont even care.
    aliens/ extra terrestrial exist so and also ufo’s…. if they didn’t exist we wouldn’t know about ufo’s right…

  4. given the depth of the “crashed” craft,, the impact dispursal ratio is totally inaccurate. Clearly, this is a scene that has been manufactured!

  5. i’ll tell you the truth we Russian are the aliens, we come here thousands years ago and will leave this place and destroy it in 2012. So have fun till we’re packing… 🙂

  6. yo how do you know how hard that plate is man ? that shit could be unbreakable just the propultion got shut down. Plus its a real footage KGB recovered more stuff and thats why the focus is not just on the plate the officials in russia need to see how the personal is acting and following out the orders. Its not the first time some alien life form crashed their shit in russia so its not a big deal for them. Theres more suns in this universe then grains of sand on every beach of earth They exist.

  7. it could be a fake i seen this about 12 years ago on tv ,i do like roger moore doing the talking ,plus they showed an alien autopsy and cigar shaped space craft,i cant remember what the show was called but it first aired 12 years ago.

  8. @EpiCGamersLTD Actually looks like it has warped into the ground if you look closely. Where the ship meets the ground doesnt seem hardly damaged at all. Either that or its a fake thats been put there. Depends on which theory you believe :O Kind of like what the 2nd 9/11 jet did

  9. @markandrach Actually looks like it has warped into the ground if you look closely. Where the ship meets the ground doesnt seem hardly damaged at all. Either that or its a fake thats been put there. Depends on which theory you believe :O

  10. i love this shit.
    you idiots not only believe in visiting aliens you also believe that a craft that could distort time would even crash haha
    you gullible fools

  11. just think about it, the guards are there to distract the view, why they came? they’re not even doing anything

  12. yeah thats fake. as far as we know there ships are fucking fast. soo if that hit the ground it would make a creater.

  13. clearly a fake as the way the “UFO” is embedded in the ground it would had to have crashed from behind it, where as in this the trees are deystroyed in the front, and the trees in the back are unharmed.

  14. @dutchdidit I know russian, that russian speech was not about this event, a man just said something about KGB,

  15. A soviet movie? They say for 10 years the country was obsessed with ufos etc… Plus their are no major marks on the ground for a crash of something that size… If it fell from space it then it would have obliturated everything (pardon my grammar) and if it fell from relativley low high, hovering, this would make sense… abit. But even then id expect fire and scortch marks etc

  16. just like the days when we used to think the Earth was flat,

    One day we will look back on these days and laugh at the fact that we didnt know ET’s visit us, these will be the days when inter-stellar travel will be possible, shame i wont be about to see it

  17. @instantlockerzinvit1 just wondered lots of thing lead to different directions, just studying how random life is an trying to work away through the chaos 🙂

  18. America is a nation of fucking rats , why cant we know about this , Its not up to fucking USA to keep the truth from the world

  19. making words up to try and sound intelligent is so idiotic. denialism? wtf is that? i think you must have gone to school with GWBush. if you cant dazzle them with brilliance, baffle them with bullshit….

  20. insaneinspector, u claim there is more than one universe. u have evidence or is this just speculation? your pseudo-intelligence is quite laughable

  21. insane inspector there is only one solar system, we live in it. we call our star “sol”.

  22. In all this game, the devil is the victim, is the scapegoat, will be acused of everything cause the GOD don’t want any rivals. Conclusion: live at the full in the freedom of GOD (praying in a right form,following the INSTRUCTIONS in the Bible – keeping the 10 commandments – including keeping the Saturday as the 7th day etc.) instead of in the incapacity and limited power of devil cause he is just a temporary puppet.

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  25. bueno mi jente creo que esto s intelijentisimas presosa o piernden su tiempocon esto eves de ayudar o en rialidad son nesesarios para el systema pero comiquisimos sobre todo el clavo que no plapadea jajajajajaaj y todabia hay likeo de infromacion jaja

  26. They are also not telling you that dolphins are smarter than humans. Military research into dolphin intelligence has been classified since the early 1970s.
    Conflicts with biblical teachings and human ego problems as well as National Security issues…
    Lack of technology has nothing to do with intelligence, at least in the case of dolphins.

  27. @lnsanelnspector
    Actually, the universe is huge and we do not know if it ends somewhere or not. It is more probable that there are other life forms out there than us being the only one, but it is pretty sure we ‘re the only one that indulges in making its own life difficult by ourselves. It seems external problems that do not originate from us nor can be controlled by us(see earthquakes, epidemics etc) are not enough, we create artificial ones.(see financial crises, religious crises, wars, etc)

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