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UFO Contact July 4th – Are we being visited?

Ufo contact July 4th?  Will we be visited this coming july?  The fascination with july 4th and ufology.

Since the beginning of time there has been a great fascination with aliens and ufo’s.  From eye witness accounts to recorded video, there is a wealth of documented UFO evidence available for all to see both on the web and in publications.

Many have a fascination with the 4th of July and UFO due to the infamous Roswell case that occurred many years and to this day is widely speculated to have been an event where our ET friends crashed to earth, literally.  In 2009 there was a sudden increase in UFO sightings not only in the US but worldwide with places such as Brazil and parts of the united states witnessing numerous UFO sightings which broke record numbers.

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Many are wondering whether we will get a repeat performance this coming 4th july, and for many it’s a real possibility.  With so many skeptics out there that still need to be made aware of the UFO/Alien presence it would be a wonderful occasion if our friends from outer space did actually drop by for a viewing.  Could you imagine the consequences of a repeat mass sighting?  Most certainly can, but there is always that niggling feeling that no matter what happens, whether ufo contact on the 4th of July becomes apparent or not, there’s a high possibility the government will do there best to cover up what ever does happen.

For those like me that like to wonder about the possibilities of what it would be like to finally make contact with these illusive flying beings or machine’s, the questions always ponders…Are we ready?  Many seem to think it’s our god given right to know the truth, well, tough luck.  Whether we like it or not our governments will never let the truth out, whether we like it or not.

Are we really alone? Maybe not, but that won’t change anything in the near future with the way things have been going on in our governments.  Bring on ufo contact july 4th!


*****Do you believe in UFO’s???*****

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