UFO City (TM)

(PRWEB) July 1, 2004

For UFO aficionados from across the globe, if you haven’t been to UFO City (TM), then, a visit to this unique roadside attraction is a must, because this is “the” place to be! With “live” UFO activity, occurring practically on a daily basis, visitors have a 98% chance of seeing a UFO from this area, based upon the number of eyewitnesses in the past, and the over 5,000 hours of “daytime” UFO footage, and several hundred hours of “nighttime,” UFO footage that have been captured on videotape, from this area, by the members of E to the Third Power (TM), Manuel Escamilla and his sister, Becky Escamilla.

UFO City (TM) aka The Midway Sightings (TM) Location Site, is home to The Midway Sightings (TM) UFO Phenomenon, which began on March 5, 1994.

From Flying Saucers, Rod/Cigar Shaped UFOs to the Classic Dome Shaped UFOs, the members of E to the Third Power (TM) have captured 14 different shapes of UFOs on videotape, and have several comparison shots of UFOs buzzing civilian and military aircraft, UFO’s buzzing weather balloons, and a variety of other comparison video clips.

One of the closest shots captured on videotape was of a Flying Saucer, that based upon triangulation was 900 yards away from the camera, traveling at 10,227 mph.

UFO City (TM) is open to the general public for nine weekends out of the year, with their 2004 Summer Season beginning this year, on July 2nd, and running through August 28th.

Visitors pay a $ 14.50 entrance fee at the gate, children 12 years old and under enter for free, and along with getting a free t-shirt or baseball cap, free hang tag, and free collectible ticket, visitors have access to touring The Midway Sightings (TM) UFO Museum, to shopping at The Midway Sightings (TM) UFO Museum Gift Shop, and to the various vendors and/or subsidiaries that are on site. Aside from the Museums, gift shops, vendors, subsidiaries, etc., visitors can enjoy UFO Sky Watching, where they’ll have a 98% chance of seeing a UFO, from the UFO City (TM) limits. http://www.themidwaysighting.com/UFO_Hot_Spots-UFO_City_TM-Site_Passes.html

So, if you’re interested in UFOs or just curious as to what the business of UFOs is all about, this unique roadside attraction is most certainly a must to include in your travels.

For more information, you can go to: http://www.themidwaysighting.com/ET_Traits.html and http://www.themidwaysighting.com/UFO_Museums.html

Since E to the Third Power’s (TM) primary source of income is their UFO Stock Footage Library, there are “no” cameras of any kind allowed on the premises.

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