UFO caught while FILMING Nibiru BLUE Moon behind MOON on 7/15/2011 is FULL DISCLOSURE coming?

COPYRIGHT 2011 HOLLOW EARTH PRODUCTIONS NEWEST VIDEO : NIBIRU shadows over Antarctica landmass & Personnel witness BROWN Dwarf and Nibiru in the SKY www.youtube.com My first thought was to check GMaps to see if I could see the orientation of the station from a satellite view. Surprise, surprise! at the co-ordinates given, (70°39’S, 08°15’W) there is … nothing but ice! I would love to know more. MUSIC BY : www.soulpath.info- and http NEW VIDEO: Strange UFO LIGHTs over St. Paul, MN on 7-14-11 & Mystery BLUE PLANET VANISHED – NOT THERE ANYMORE www.youtube.com-watch?v=5R3P5AoLsWk&feature=channel_video_title ANTARCTICA FOOTAGE www.awi.de-NM_WebCam-livemovieT.html GUYSHERE ALL ALL THE LATEST VIDEOS that I HAVE TAKEN OVER THE LAST FOUR DAYS PLEASE TAKE A LOOK AT ALL THE FOOTAGE..YOU CAN SEE THIS THING CHANGES IT’S POSITION EVERY SINGLE DAY!! NEWEST FOOTAGE! PLANET X aka NIBIRU Behind the Clouds – ELENIN flickering in the SKY? Day Three Footage 7-13-11 http 07-12-2011 Planet X : Blue Planet behind Moon run through REAL TIME Video Analysis : IT IS NIBIRU! www.youtube.com-watch?v=NY2Zfpjs5e8 NEW FOOTAGE!! PLANET X aka NIBIRU and UFO hide behind the MOON in St Paul, MN on 7-10-2011 and 7-11-2011 http 7-09-2011 Another Planet Visible behind the MOON! Is it Nibiru AKA Planet X? You Decide? REALTIME! www.youtube.com-watch?v=joltzQq4B9k&feature=related Large UFO or Comet races across the SKY in St. Paul, MN followed by Nibiru behind the MOON! http I am a man that makes mistakes and I

0 thoughts on “UFO caught while FILMING Nibiru BLUE Moon behind MOON on 7/15/2011 is FULL DISCLOSURE coming?

  1. I need to talk to someone about the UFO I have seen and how the government is being so top secret please give me a text to 1-530-333-7745 if you want to here what I have found out

  2. Dude do you always use the same camera? I watched the part of the video where the camera was showing a ghost shadow of yourself on the ground. Couldn’t the same thing be happening when taping the moon? I think the camera has an anomaly in the optics or electronics that causes a faint ghost shadow to appear and that is what we are seeing. What that oject was that flew straight up is a mystery to me too. And why are you using binoculars and not a telephoto lens?

  3. bigdeal 2 nights straight i see fast speeding bright light in the sky and then it just disapears,its not a plain because at a same time plain fligt’s near,and plain has flashing lights but this bright light just fly without any fash

  4. An UAV Could Maneuver Like That And It’s Blinking Wing Lights Pretty Much Indicate Not Likely UFO These Lights Are Pretty Much On Every Jet Or Plane. And The Blue Moon Is Possibly A Reflection From Sun To Moon To Earth The Earths Reflection However The Earth Rotates Wich Is Probably Why You See It Change Position Over Time. I Do Believe In UFO’s And Nibiru And I Hope You Do Find Great Footage To Share Keep Up The Good Work UrsuAdams. God Bless.

  5. the blue is always there if you can get the right angle – I believe fro the satellite that shines this moon and the square things I believe are sensors that also go with many storms

  6. Come on, COME ON!!!! I’ve seen plenty of people really picking apart little things, but SERIOUSLY???? No, you can’t falsify an airplane, you can’t falsify a reflection. But, as you’ve shown here, you CAN call it Nibiru, a UFo, a false moon, a ghost, or whatever you want. IF IT’S NIBURI, THEN WHY BOTHER WITH THE SOUTH POLE STATIONS??? PICK A BELIEF!!

  7. Hmmm.. There is something not right about this footage. The bright circle is moving.  This indicates it is inside the atmosphere and not outside. I am not sold on this one guys!

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