COPYRIGHT 2011 HOLLOW EARTH PRODUCTIONS NEWEST VIDEO : NIBIRU shadows over Antarctica landmass & Personnel witness BROWN Dwarf and Nibiru in the SKY My first thought was to check GMaps to see if I could see the orientation of the station from a satellite view. Surprise, surprise! at the co-ordinates given, (70°39’S, 08°15’W) there is … nothing but ice! I would love to know more. MUSIC BY : and http NEW VIDEO: Strange UFO LIGHTs over St. Paul, MN on 7-14-11 & Mystery BLUE PLANET VANISHED – NOT THERE ANYMORE ANTARCTICA FOOTAGE GUYSHERE ALL ALL THE LATEST VIDEOS that I HAVE TAKEN OVER THE LAST FOUR DAYS PLEASE TAKE A LOOK AT ALL THE FOOTAGE..YOU CAN SEE THIS THING CHANGES IT’S POSITION EVERY SINGLE DAY!! NEWEST FOOTAGE! PLANET X aka NIBIRU Behind the Clouds – ELENIN flickering in the SKY? Day Three Footage 7-13-11 http 07-12-2011 Planet X : Blue Planet behind Moon run through REAL TIME Video Analysis : IT IS NIBIRU! NEW FOOTAGE!! PLANET X aka NIBIRU and UFO hide behind the MOON in St Paul, MN on 7-10-2011 and 7-11-2011 http 7-09-2011 Another Planet Visible behind the MOON! Is it Nibiru AKA Planet X? You Decide? REALTIME! Large UFO or Comet races across the SKY in St. Paul, MN followed by Nibiru behind the MOON! http I am a man that makes mistakes and I