UFO Armon Hantziv in Jerusalm is REAL

new ? www.youtube.com 4 VIDEO Release : www.youtube.com UFO Armon Hantziv in Jerusalm is REAL my friends there has been a call for the ETs to open a portal of ascension over the Dome on the Rock! They answered the call! LIGHT FLACH? ORIGINAL VIDEO from : GARTOTHEGNAR
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UFO near space shuttle Atlantis

0 thoughts on “UFO Armon Hantziv in Jerusalm is REAL

  1. I’ve never seen any man made air contrivance maintain that kind of stability without ground support. Those are not separate vessels but one large vessel into which a data gathering conveyance returned. X-Files- I want to believe.

  2. Guys it’s a Secret MOSSAD Physic test to analyze how people will react to fake Alien Invasion. Google: “UFO over Temple Mount Jerusalem hoax – UFO-Blogger” – All the videos are hoax!

  3. @Brlee30 not fake woehahaha 2 video of the object see video v=SrmPTnhaHzs&feature=feedf Jersualem UFO Two Witnesses Record Same Event..*HD VIDEO*

  4. @Brlee30 i now the video , the flach ??? but dear are more than 1 ufo , see at the end you see more ufo ships and no fake , the flach wath about , wear et come from ?

  5. do you know what date this was filmed ,would love to know just seen same footage on other channel without music ,but your version is still amazing with added information

  6. How can something made of cloth like material fly up there?????
    NASA probably know what that is they will just keep it classified!

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